ordered days

I have shared with y’all a lot about how I order my days… because I know that it’s important to live an ordered life and because I know that it does not come naturally to us.
Even if it does comes naturally, different seasons and changes in our day to day can really derail us from whatever pattern, plan, and order we had established.
In this first year of little boy’s life, it has been a season of transition – a first year – a time of all things new for us.
I have really enjoyed it.
We know the Lord, good and providential, orders our lives. And we praise Him for it.
Little boy was born in October. We think perfect timing – in the fall, right before the holidays. It was so much fun to have our little newborn with our family at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years.
Tyler was travelling with Matt a good bit. We even went with him right after Christmas.
Almost every weekend until Easter, Tyler was out of town.
And we established a routine.
Then the summer came. And we were gone!!
We travelled through North Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. For a couple of the weeks that we did not go with Tyler, he was in Colorado and Virginia.
We had a big time! It was so much fun. One of the greatest blessings of the summer is that Tyler and Leland established their own personal relationship. Tyler is the one who would take Leland into the ocean’s waves. Tyler and I woke up to Leland in the mornings, snuggling warm in bed. Leland got to see his daddy almost every day, almost all the time he was awake. What a blessing!
Now we have come back home. And autumn is coming. We will celebrate a one year old’s birthday at the beginning of October.

Since we have been home, I have had a few goals.

take it slow
see our family and friends

It seems like these are not-goals goals, huh?

But when is the last time you have savored? taken it all in? enjoyed the moment for what the moment is gifting you with?
When is the last time you have slowed? have discovered the joy in tiptoeing and whispering? in not speeding down the highway but walking under the trees?
When is the last time you have see? have called? have touched base with your family? enjoyed quality time with your friends?

Now you understand why these are my goals.

I want to replace the urgent and immediate with the eternal and the important.

The thing is here, though, and this is always the hard part for me. The floor still needs to be swept. It does make the times on your knees with your crawler more enjoyable.
And the bills must be paid; it’s nice to have electricity when friends are over for dinner.

So how does one balance – how does one put in order? – the bills and the bliss? the chores and the celebrations?

Well, this is what I am doing. Not perfectly, full of grace. Breathing day in and day out, taking it as the Lord orders my steps.

1. Tyler and I are getting up early together.

What sweet moments! We are spending our personal time in the Word, exercising, eating breakfast, and getting ready for the day. And together! These are hushed hours. These are precious times together.

2. I write out my days plan the night before the day begins.

So on Tuesday, I write out Wednesday. Each day has a pattern. It may not be a lot on any given day. It just sort of sets my pace, if you will.

3. I clean our home and grocery shop on Mondays.

Mondays is our recovery day. It has been since little love was born and even more so whenever our family or Tyler is gone on the weekend. Sundays are good days, but come after our Saturday of fun and usually lacks naps. So Monday I plan to stay home, clean, play on the floor, and get the groceries. I have come to really like this – it’s nice to start the week at home, with a clean home, a stocked pantry, and a meal plan. Then from there, it’s usually easy sailing.

4. I fill the week with whatever the Lord has for me.

Since Monday is kind of a work day, I like for Tuesday to be a ‘play on the floor’ day with child. I like to make a simple meal that day. Fridays are friends days. Whenever we want to get together with friends, I ask about Fridays first. It’s such a great way to start the weekend. Saturday is family day. If Tyler is gone, then we make a night of the week family day.

5. Recognize that Christ is LIFE; in all and through all.

This is not mentioned last because it is least. It is mentioned here because if you are still reading, hopefully it means you are being encouraged by what the Lord is teaching and leading me through. It is because you want for yourself to know the great goodness and order of the Lord. But I know how I am – sometimes when my plan does not go the way, well, I planned – I get frustrated. discouraged. a little bit stupid. The thing is, if your focus terminates on your plan, if my focus terminates on my plan, then I have exchanged the creation for the Creator; I am worshipping my plan. If my focus even goes farther to the better, to the people and relationships involved, but it terminates there, then again, I have exchanged the creation for the Creator, and I am worshipping the people, the relationships. I have a problem with this, too. Goodness, I can easily slip into idolatry.
HOWEVER – When you recognize CHRIST as LIFE and He is in all and through all and you know this in your life, in your family and friends, and savorings, and plans and order, THEN freedom and love and life and joy will be manifest and you will be worshipping the LORD, day in and day out.

Sweeping the floor will be worship.
Sipping coffee with friends will be worship.
Sweet kisses shared with your spouse,
slow hugs with your little loves,
all worship.

And this is why I just love an ordered day, as a means to an end, – to move me, to direct me, to free me to worship the Lord.

2 thoughts on “ordered days

  1. precious. thank you so much, rachel. i need this reminder in the chaos that is 2 children when all the days look the same & start to blur together. when strange schedules & fragmented time with my hubby results in much less rest than we need to feel ordered & disciplined. when rare dinners with friends are like sitting & drinking at a fountain after a long, hot, dry season. sweet reminder 🙂

  2. Nicely stated! I really like the idea of writing a plan for the upcoming day the night before. Whenever I right a list specific for the day (rather than a huge to-do list), I’m always much more successful in completing the tasks. Yet, I forget to do this most of the time, so thanks for bringing that back to mind 😉

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