Happy Birthday, Leland!

Praise God from whom all blessings flow! My husband, Tyler, and I are just so thrilled before the Lord that He has certainly preserved our son’s life – and this was our primary prayer through the first year of his life. Y’all, if you’ve had a little one – do you not leave that hospital thinking ‘are you sure you are just letting us LEAVE!?’ I remember driving home SO SLOWLY from the hospital to our home. We drove through town, not on the beltline; we drove through the neighborhoods at 35mph instead of on the main roads. We drove like grandma and grandpa. I made Tyler drive. I think he wouldn’t have let me. I mean, really, and come on! It is the LORD who has preserved our precious son’s life – and it is the LORD who will continue to preserve, protect, guide, and prayerfully, save, our son’s life.
I am so excited to say the least about entering into this second year of his life. We are just beside ourselves with grateful giddyness as we think about how good the Lord is.

This is the ultrasound picture from when we found out our baby is a boy! We named Leland that very day!
Tyler took this picture of the two of us right after we crossed the threshold into our home. Our family was home.
Little Leland, the lion-hearted leader
We dedicated our son to the Lord before our family and our family of faith only a month after he was born.

Tyler holding on tight to his son. Leland is around three months.
We just love love love this photograph, taken by our good friend and excellent photographer, Courtney Navey of Always Autumn Studios.

Leland was about four months when these were taken.
our little man is getting bigger!
Our little family and Courtney’s family of four went to Magnolia Manor, where Tyler and I were married, and captured Leland at seven months. We just loved that we could do this – return to the place we began our life and capture this new life.
We are so happy that Leland loves the water – his bath, the pool, the ocean, a lake, pond, you name it, if it’s water, he loves it! I took this picture of my two favorites 🙂
Here we are, in all of our family Labor Day vacation glory 🙂

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