We Sing! We Shout! We Celebrate!

Y’all, from the minute Leland was born, I prayed for and planned his first birthday party.
Remember, we prayed – Lord, preserve his life. – And I knew that to celebrate his first year preserved, we wanted to get together all of our family, all of our friends, all of the sweet people who have been apart of Leland’s first year, and celebrate the Lord.
We have so much to celebrate!
1. the gift that our son is to us
2. he is a life preserved
3. the many days the Lord has given us with him, with our family, our friends
4. the tiny surprises and big adventures we have enjoyed
5. too many to count!

So here we were, the weekend after his birthday, gathered at a Raleigh love, Pullen Park, celebrating with most of our family and friends – all of those who could come! We happily chatted, enjoyed party sandwiches, sipped lemonade, ran around, sang happy birthday, and of course, ate cake!
Tyler prayed to the Lord – a prayer from a man, from a husband, from a father, proud and glad. I am just so humbled by him; I so respect him. The Lord is surely shaping my husband.

What a day!

**Many of these photos were taken by a family friend of ours, who also has her own blog :: Carolina City Girl

Here’s the full view! I love to use balloons to decorate – they are simple, good looking, big impact.
Drink up! We served lemonade and water, along with juice boxes for the children. This is how my family helped : We all brought a few gallons of water from home. I brought the drink tags, paper straws, plastic cups. My mom brought the glass water pitchers and daddy carried in the ice. We mixed the lemonade there and added sliced lemon rounds. We kept the ice in a blue and white cooler and everyone helped themselves!
This says it all 🙂 We used this balloon on Leland’s highchair, which folds up nicely and travels easily.
It’s all in the details ** Can you see down the table? We perched the blue and white polka dot napkins on a glass pedestal; we bagged the homemade popcorn in chevron striped bags from a local etsy shop; we topped the blue and white cupcakes wrapped in polka dot paper with party sprinkles. Our theme : classic baby boy blue and white!
We celebrate you, Lord! and the life You give! The pennant banner in the background is a collection of pictures throughout Leland’s first year. Of course, this was a “do-it-everyone” project 😉
A closeup of the pennant banner
Robin, my sister in law, made the chocolate and vanilla cupcakes. They were delicious! I love using a cupcake for the first cake a little person will devour. It’s the perfect size 🙂
chocolate cupcakes, on my cake plate
We served – the grandmothers and great grandmothers to Leland helped – peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, pimento cheese sandwiches, and cucumber sandwiches – atop cake platters, marked with little flags I purchased on clearance at Target. I wanted to keep the food simple and classic, easy for tiny hands and yummy to all.
We served goldfish in party cups and homemade popcorn in chevron striped bags. I wanted all of the food to be simple and yummy and I think we achieved both 😉
These mini old fashioned blue and white swirl lollipops were our party favors – aren’t they so cute!?
Happy Family! – Leland just getting into his cupcake right after we sung happy birthday over him. He clapped along with us and we just couldn’t be more excited!

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5 thoughts on “We Sing! We Shout! We Celebrate!

  1. I loooooove the last picture!!!! The party decor and food looks awesome. Way to go momma (and family!) Glad to see all the pictures of the celebration…. wish we could have been there!!

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