Celebrate ’til My Stomach Hurts

Glitter and Ribbon * The love of my life and me, happy, at Sunday lunch

I just love celebrating birthdays. I always have, and since our son was born, I love it even more. Every year should be celebrated; It’s one more year, alive. It’s one more year, preserved. It’s one more reason to celebrate our good, living Lord. So, when my birthday came around this week – and I am a glad twenty-seven years old – we celebrated.

It started out as a lunch celebration with my sweet friend, Carolyn, who is Leland’s adopted grandmother, Miss C – which does end up sounding like ‘missy’ – and I think that’s sweet, too. She treated me to my favorite place, Winston’s, (which I wrote about in a blog post) and I enjoyed my favorite dish, the black and blue salad. The waitress let me drink my weight in sweet tea and then treated us to a brownie topped with ice cream and whipped cream and a lit candle for a little extra special celebration.

The next day, my mother in law, Amy, wined and dined me – well, I drank water, actually… 😉 – at another one of my favorite places, Zest. (I’ve written about this little hole in the wall, too.) We love to look around before we sit to eat and at this time of the year, Zest is full to the ceiling of Christmas wonderland for you to take home as your own. Perfect!

Saturday was a beautiful day of simple family delights. and Starbucks.

This seems like it’s getting out of hand – and I’m not even half way through!

Then, Sunday, daddy and mommy made a big ole pot of my favorite vegetable soup, complete with cornbread, and last but not least, homemade apple pie! – This was the first time my mom has made homemade apple pie. Applaud! Applaud! And she did it for me, sweet woman.

(I didn’t even tell you that Sunday night, we celebrated another family member’s birthday, where I enjoyed a tall slice of chocolate cake with raspberry ganache. And then I got a coke…)

Of course, now you are seeing a trend – I am eating my age in dessert.

The eating and celebrating did not stop there, either. Monday night my other parents, Tyler’s parents, took us out on the town to Bella Monica. I wanted italian and they said we must go here. The waitress sprinkled our table with confetti, filled our plates with delicious food, and sashayed us through the door with to go boxes replete with cannoli that I actually liked! If that wasn’t enough…

Amy made me a chocolate cake. Chocolate is my favorite. favorite favorite.

That was Monday night. We haven’t even made it to Tuesday, my actual birthday.

Daddy took me out to Cooper’s, my favorite place to eat fried chicken, collards, and butter beans. The salt of the earth wait staff there sang happy birthday while I fed complimentary carrot cake to Leland.

Leland is holding out his hand toward the coming plates of food – He knows good when he sees it
My heaping plate of southern food
He’s gonna get himself some of this! This is Leland’s first hushpuppy – and he loved it so much, he enjoyed another one

I feel like this could be a children’s story – full of celebrating, laughter, and sweets piled high.

For my birthday dinner, because I wasn’t finished eating yet, Tyler blessed my heart by cooking me dinner. And not just any dinner. Look at a quick pic of my plate.

Doesn’t it look deliciously perfect!? It was!

We invited our family over to sing Happy Birthday one more time and eat funfetti cupcakes. I am certainly swimming in sugar, now. And enjoying every minute of it!

So, regardless of how it may sound, I did receive a few things non-food. These stunning roses are from my handsome, romantic husband 😉
Noelle, my sweet sister, blessed my heart with the prettiest, glitteriest card I’ve ever seen!, and a gift certificate for a pedicure!!

Now it’s Thursday and I do think for at least the few weeks from now til Thanksgiving I might want to cut back on the sugar, lest I fall over from all of it.

Our family’s tradition since I was a small child, orange rolls for birthday breakfast!

But I will not stop celebrating, that’s for sure. Life from the Lord and life in the Lord is worth all of the celebrating in the world, all of the eternal celebrating in heaven. So I will celebrate – and one day, in the new earth, maybe I’ll be able to enjoy all the sweet tea and chocolate cake to the glory of God I would like without it being a problem. It seems reasonable, don’t you think?! 😉

This is the gold glitterful card Noelle, my sister, gave to me – Isn’t that quote from Jane Austen perfect!? … and I do believe it, too! “One cannot have too large a party.”

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