The Glories of Obedience

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Leland, a fully grown one year old, and my vivacious son, recently has had a particularly hard time with getting his diaper changed. He’s never liked being changed or getting dressed, but the thing is, now he’s big. And he’s been kicking and just being all around crazy when it comes to this daily happenstance.

So, we’ve been practicing laying still and working with him to all around be good while he gets his diaper changed.

This morning – the first diaper is usually the hardest; I think it’s that he needs a little reminder each day – he did so well. And his mommy was so pleased!

Later in the same morning, I spontaneously started to instruct Leland to lay down as I was laying him down to change his yet again stinky diaper. He was good during this change, too, which again, I was pleased as a pretty pink pig. And then, without thinking straight I am sure, I asked him to lay down.

Do you know what he did!?


And his little mommy was ELATED. I was just smiling and hugging and rejoicing all over my precious little son.

Breathlessly, I texted Tyler the good news. And he responded, “Awesome. The glories of obedience.”

And I thought – Is it not!?

Sweet children of the Risen King, is this not so similar to the way that our Father instructs and leads us?

He is patient throughout the day. Whatever unravels in us as we sleep, He gives us mercies new each morning to remind us of His goodness and how we are to rejoice in Him, simply because He has made today.

When we need help in a particular area of our lives, He works with us, kindly, instructing us each time. He even changes our stinks. He is helping us so that we can experience life, not death.

And when we do the right thing – and I so wish you could have seen Leland lay down! – I mean, it was quite a process and he did not do it exactly how you would imagine an adult laying down like a solider. He more sat, rolled, and twisted around to face me.

Even when we don’t do it exactly so – but we have listened to the instruction of our Father, we immediately obeyed – albeit awkwardly – He REJOICES OVER US!

He is SO HAPPY we have listened to Him and obeyed Him.

The glories of obedience! We get to see our Father’s happy face. We get to hear His loud singing. We get to enjoy sweet embraces. And doesn’t this relationship motivate us as His little girls to continue to respond in obedience over and over again? We so want right relationship and songs and celebration!

So women of the Lord, let’s respond to the Lord in obedience now. Yep, He knows all of the not laying down you’ve been doing. He knows all of the times you have disobeyed; hardened your heart to His voice. And still, He beckons you, gently instructs you, to lay down. to obey. to soften your heart. When you do, when I do, and let’s friends, He will rejoice over you with singing.

Leland, on a big boy swing for the first time *

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