living, learning, loving

I am learning about living under the leadership of the Holy Spirit. He is my helper. He is my Lord. The Holy Spirit is God, in us. Our seal. Our guarantee.

Scripture teaches us that when we are saved by Jesus to the Lord, the Holy Spirit comes inside of us and makes His dwelling in us. He makes us new. He redecorates our hearts. With mine, he used the dynamite of the Word, blasted out all of the existing walls, especially anything that held my former structure, and is making me new. It’s certainly a process. And I can be decently stubborn at times.

But He is Faithful, Patient, and Good. And He is making His dwelling place, me, appropriate before the God of the universe. So stubborn as I might be, I relinquish any whatever good I saw in the that trait, and I let Him. It’s for my good, you know.

I am learning to listen to Him. Immediately, fully to obey. To rejoice in truth. To be saddened by sin. To pray for others, to ask Him.

Thank you, Lord, for the learning.

Living and Learning in the Love of the Lord * a beautiful graphic from The Flourishing Abode blog

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