cherry on top blessings *

to the throne of grace
to the throne of grace {photo}

Yesterday, you know how I wrote about confession and walking in the newness of Life, who is Christ?

Well, even that day, the Lord showed me just how wonderful – cherry on top blessings, I like to call them – that listening and obeying and living in the love of the Lord can be.

This is the honest, sad truth. I was hesitant to bless my brother. And I was getting tired just from thinking about all I had to do that day.

Then I read from another devotional, God Calling, not ‘to be afraid of being busy.’ The author, Russell, was encouraging his readers to accept and revel in the high calling of servant of Christ in whatever the Lord ordained for your day. Gosh, if that wasn’t what I needed to read right then!?

The Lord had in front of my to bless my brother in a simple way that I COULD DO. The Lord had in front of me a full day.

So, again, I confessed to the Lord my sin of selfishness – it gets me all the time!, and walked in the newness of life.

Almost naturally, I was happy to give to my brother. And certainly supernaturally, the Lord continues to give me strength as He upholds me with His righteous right hand throughout my today.

Isn’t is amazing that when we choose Life, we are able to bless others with Life as well?

It’s so crazy the ‘cherry on top’ blessings we recognize and enjoy when we keep our noses to the Lord’s, when we keep in constant communion with Him.

And it’s confession to Christ that opens this door, that engages this special, intimate relationship. It’s His keeping character that allows us the freedom to live just like He would have us to live.

I encourage you today, wherever you are, whatever place, position, posture you are in, to start today.

Confess your sin to Christ who is the sin-forgiver, the Justifier, the Cleanser, Righteousness Himself.

And walk with Him in the newness of life, of His life. There is truly no better day like today.

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