Treasure upon Treasure

Recently I read through the book of Deuteronomy, preparing for a talk I was giving  to women in a bible study. I read through the book in a broad, sweeping way, catching repeating phrases, viewing the book’s grand themes, and getting a good bird’s eye view.

And I realized in a fresh and new way – What a book of the bible loaded down with treasure upon treasure!

Throughout the next couple of posts, I want to share with you some of what the Lord showed me and some of what I shared with the women in our time together.

Let’s start here :

A few things really stuck out to me in a big way.

One – The Lord is the main character.

Two – The Lord and His work is the main theme.

Three – The Lord is the point of the story.

Who the Lord is, His character, and all that He does for His glory and for the Israelites’ good, is the center focus of Deuteronomy. Moses, through three motivational sermons and two prophetic poems about Israel’s future, is reminding the mass of God’s chosen people who the Lord is and all that He has commanded them to do, ‘that it will go well with them in the land’. The undergirding strength of Moses’ message as well as the power by which the Israelites can obey the law is God’s faithfulness and unfailing love. “Deuteronomy demonstrates that God’s faithfulness results in mercy to His sinful people, for the sake of His promise to Abraham.” (ESV Study Bible Notes) Faithful, covenantal love rules, reigns, and resides as the Lord leads His people into the Promised Land.

Let’s look through the pages of Deuteronomy together.

* In chapter three, it reads, “Your eyes have seen all that the Lord your God has done…” (verse 21)

* In chapter thirteen, Moses again repeats, “You shall walk after the Lord your God and fear Him and keep His commandments and obey His voice, and you shall serve Him and hold fast to Him.” (verse 4)

* And in chapter 18, the Israelites are called a “people treasured for His possession, as He has promised to you,…” (verse 18)

Again and again, Moses tells them who the Lord is, who they are before the Lord, how to engage with the Lord, to remember and to teach all that the Lord is and all that He has done. This is the resounding message throughout this great book.

**  The second post of this series : The Law of Love

** The third post of this series : Love Love Love

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