Love Love Love

Happy Valentine’s Day!!



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** The second post of this series : The Law of Love

The love of the Lord and His command to us to love Him is to rest, to be, to sit, to dwell, on our hearts.

The other day I told Leland, “Listen and obey Mommy.” I am sure this is something I will say again and again a thousand times to him throughout his life. I also told Leland, “Mommy loves you, baby.”

And isn’t that exactly what the Lord is saying to the Israelites in Deuteronomy?

Children, listen and obey.

Children, I love you.

And what makes the Lord’s love even better, what makes His love better than life, is that He is perfect and so His love is perfect.

I told Leland, “Listening and obeying Mommy helps you to learn to listen and obey the Lord. It’s something you will learn throughout your entire life. And it’s funny that the Lord would have Mommy teach this to you, because she is still learning to listen and obey the Lord herself.”

Isn’t this the truth?

Even so, it’s because the perfect Lord shows us unfathomable, gracious, steadfast, faithful love – to us who are imperfect, finite, quick-tempered, fickle, impatient, faithless, faltering children – that we can love others in His love.

We each are children, His children, and as we listen and obey and remember that the Lord loves us, we can love Him in return, love others well, and live for the glory of the Lord, in our life preserved for eternity in the ultimate Promised Land.

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