after all, that’s what the Lord wants for them

Growing Up :: Isn't he so big!? And handsome!! {photo courtesy of always autumn studios}
Growing Up :: Isn’t he so big!? And handsome!! {photo courtesy of always autumn studios}

I just finished reading through this great, little book right now by Rachel Jankovic entitled, Loving the Little Years : Motherhood in the Trenches. I love it. love it. It’s short, sweet, to the point with room for grace, and Gospel-Centered.

In one of her chapters, she writes about growth spurts. You remember, as a child, just being bored all of the sudden? With all of your toys – all of your ideas – all of your imaginations. You were growing. Nothing was wrong with you, but you might have felt like it. And your mom may have made you feel worse. Or made you clean your room. Or given you a new toy. Whatever the case may be, it was a growth spurt.

Well, right when Rachel started to write about this, I knew exactly what she meant. It’s happening in my own home. Growth spurts embody my son. That’s what the last fourteen months and a few days have been all about. We got into the swing of things from the moment we left the hospital doors. And six weeks later, little love was sleeping in his own crib, in his own room. Peaceful living. Windows welcoming the breeze, suppers eaten with friends. It was great.

And then, growth spurts. Seriously, NOBODY told me about these. He was fussy. Crying. Agitated. Not the little doll I knew. And I was ok with that except I didn’t know what in the world was going on!

Thankfully a friend filled me in.

And we went along our merry way. Growth spurt after growth spurt.

Until about six months of age. He hit a major one! We needed activity and fun and excitement. And so we enjoyed new toys and books together; we learned to listen to music and dance. He crawled – He walked around the furniture – he walked! And we turned one years old.

And then, the second major one. And boy, we started running! (Ok, so Leland’s running is more like our fast walking, I must admit,…) but what I’m saying is that he loves being out! outside! at the park! in the dirt! swinging in the sky! sliding down the slide! Playing in the water!

Having a big ole big boy time.

Rachel ends her chapter with this, “Growing, after all, is what God wants them to do.”

Man, it hit me. That’s right, Lord! I amened her. And it reminded me how I struggled through during when I was pregnant whether or not it was right and good to pray for a healthy baby to the glory of God.

It’s not that I thought, I’ll pray for a sick one.

It’s just that we have many friends who have sick little loves. Physical deformity and mental issues. And, girl, I’m not any better than they are. I don’t deserve and they do. Or they do and I don’t. It’s truly based on the LORD. And to God be the glory!! in those baby’s and family’s lives – So, I really did struggle through how to pray about this whole thing.

And do you know, through the same friend who advised me to ‘run with it’ with Leland’s growth spurts because he is a big, growing boy – he is vivacious and quick – and we want to cultivate strong, godly men; not mischievous, up to nothin’ good boys. And running with it will help…

This friend led me to the Word – and to the Lord. The Lord wants us to pray against the Fall. The physical deformity and the mental retardation. It’s not a health-wealth -prosperity gospel. It’s just that as much as suffering is promised, the Lord doesn’t ask us to seek it. He commands that we seek Him, His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.

And in heaven, healthy people live.

So I prayed for a healthy baby. And the Lord did give us a healthy baby boy. And to Him be all of the glory, and honor, and praise.

And as Leland lives, and grows, and his more and more active, honestly my prayer is that I will enjoy and love the reality that the Lord wants this growth and good for him.

And that I will grow along with my son. That I will learn what it means to parent him today, in the grace that the Lord gives freely and new each morning. I pray that I will be proactive, that I will accomodate, that I will come alongside him and learn new ideas and put my mind and hands to new projects.

I so long for us to both grow in the grace and admonition of the Lord. We truly are both equal at the Cross; we are truly both children in front of the Lord.

All of this growing does come with pain sometimes and it does come with the need for physical and spiritual nourishment.

And I pray the Lord keeps my nose to His so that I can continue to love well and fully give glory the Lord all the days of our lives.

Growing Up :: We LOVE this baby-moment captured and we wait in anticipation to see a photo like this of a little boy grown into a man. Won't that be so marvelous!?
Growing Up :: We LOVE this baby-moment captured and we wait in anticipation to see a photo like this of a little boy grown into a man. Won’t that be so marvelous!? {photo courtesy of always autumn studios… our favorite!}

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