a few more thoughts on marriage

Prayer is the greatest ministry of a wife for her husband. I cannot emphasize this enough to you; I cannot tell myself this more emphatically than – prayer is my greatest ministry to Tyler, my husband. You will be learning who the Lord is. You will confess your sins and take of yourself before the Lord. And you will take care of, minister to, cheer for, and do battle alongside of your husband through the great ministry of prayer.

Also, marriage is the greatest, most serious endeavor you will ever embark upon and give your life. So, prepare – mind, heart, and soul – with Scripture, books, good conversation with other godly women, wives. Your strength by actually putting into practice what the Lord teaches you through His Word, through books, and the good conversations you enjoy with Titus 2 women. Take your marriage seriously. You are a WIFE.

You are the Lord’s first then your husband’s til death do you two part. Whatever else hinders, dissuades, takes your heart from your marriage – get rid of it; stop it; leave it, flee from it. When you cling to the Lord and cleave to your spouse, you are being loyal and true to your real identity. When you deny or betray your identity in Christ, or your identity as a wife to your husband, you are betraying who you are.

…and a marriage video-testimony to make you smile through your tears.

my men!: daddy and son

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