we’re off! and the countdown has begun!

The summer has begun for this little family!

We have travelled in a 15 passenger van with 12 people and a huge trailer to Talladega, AL. Don’t be jealous 🙂

here we are, heading to AL
here we are, heading to AL

It was a GREAT time of ministry with my husband who serves in the Matt Papa Band (MPB). About 1000 students came through the Student Life camp during the time we were there and we trust the LORD that each one of them was personally affected by Him during the special time.

tyler and leland love music *

And now little love and momma are home. Tyler will leave again – and again – and again – and we will stay home. our plans …

Swim in the pool

Play with friends

Take good naps

Eat icecream

And get ready for precious baby boy #2!!

I have a loooong to-do list for myself for the next nine weeks (I am not kidding! Can you believe Grafton’s due date is only nine weeks ((give or take)) away!? – and while a good few of you just got out of school and you are looking at the next nine weeks like a good, long summer vacation, I’m looking at it excitedly, practically counting down the days until we get to meet this precious life!)

And at the same time, one of my biggest priorities is to soak up the sun, soak up time with my son, soak up these last several weeks of just us two – just us three. To really enjoy enjoy enjoy each little smile and laugh and hand held…. all of it.

There’s such a balance here, right? We aren’t to worry about tomorrow – don’t look too far into the future – let the Lord do His thing! And at the same time, the wise man and woman does seek counsel and make plans and redeem the time. We are to enjoy today, sink into the present (but not get lost in it).

And I hear a good bit of my friends decide either…

a. Only to enjoy today; no planning, no thank you!

b. To plan and hopefully I’ll enjoy today, but at least I’ll be ready for tomorrow!

Now, I’ll admit, in my natural self, with no self-examination or thinking about it whatsoever, I lean toward option b. hopefully I’ll enjoy whatever present, but girlfriend, I’ll be READY for tomorrow! With bells on and maybe even a little lipgloss, too 🙂

But, in thinking about this, in thinking about enjoying today and readying for tomorrow, I think there is a third way. And in the third way, a much, much better way to live.

In the precious, astounding, marvelous, fear of the Lord. 

So, I decide to take my plans and my present to the Lord. I ask Him to direct my steps, Him to fill my days, Him to give me a heart of thanksgiving and joy along with a heart to discern and plan what He would have for my family and me in the coming days and weeks.

This is a daily exercise that I practice during my devotional time – the time in which I read through His Word and pray to Him (I like to write out my prayers because it keeps me focused.)

This is a moment-by-moment experiment when I ask the Lord, What do you think I should do? and, Please, Lord, help me to enjoy this as much as my finite self possibly can!

This is a month-by-month meeting with myself, and sometimes, Tyler, and my calendar as I ask the Lord and look over our to-do’s and schedules and see how it might all work together… for the good of those in my family, for the magnificent glory of the Lord.

And I do all of this –  this planning and this savoring the moment – in the awesome fear of the Lord. After all, it is He who made us, and not we ourselves. And it is He who holds us together, sustains us with clean oxygen in our lungs, and provides, protects, and even daily bears up our salvation.

So, here we go, friend! Into the wonderful summertime season of sun and soaking it all up, savoring the moment, and setting our sights on all of the wonderment to come.

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