Independence Day Inspiration

4th of July is our holiday – we host the family get together. Y’all, this is a great idea and wonderful reality for us. If you are newlyweds and there isn’t already full-blown Independence Day traditions in your family, chose to host and celebrate this one in your home.

We love the host this family celebration because it’s

a. in the summer

b. it’s low key

c. it’s relaxed’s a great holiday to celebrate!

I do realize that b and c are basically the same reason, but honestly, it’s worth mentioning twice and explaining here again because it’s really the reason I love to be the host of this celebration. Thanksgiving and Christmas – a lot of work. and people take them pretty seriously. at least in my family 😉

So, here we are with the holiday upon us – celebrating the independence of the United States of America. Praise God for our independence!  Praise Him for the wonderful men and women who sacrificed their lives, their lifestyles, their comforts and conveniences for the freedom of a nation – and for all that America stands for!

I like to use e-vite to send my family invitations. I think it makes it sort of swanky, and since the holiday is so laid back, it’s fun to do. Did you know there’s an evite app for your phone? I love it!

Here’s what we are doing :

Fireworks! - So my family wants to do it all - fireworks, pool, and cookout - so to make it happen, we are going to the fireworks in a nearby town on the 3rd. That way, we are not post-pool, post-nap nappy headed people at the fireworks; instead, we are cute and energetic ;) and ready to take on family fun and fireworks with a bang! hehe *

On July 4th, we hope for sunny weather and plan to go the the pool! Then, we are going to grill out. Our thought - pool in the morning - beat any mad crowds and the baby will be happy / then the cookout - which we do hotdogs, because, again, it keeps it simple and we like simple! - then, everyone can eat and go home for naps with a happy belly. And, hey, if they want to enjoy fireworks again, there's Raleigh's downtown that night *

This year I gained a bunch of my inspiration from Pinterest. (of course / how did we have any ideas pre-Pinterest!?) I keep all of my inspiration on my Celebrate: Independence Day & Summertime board.

Here are a few of the pins that I plan on implementing into our family fun – and, I’m not gonna tell you exactly how, because I think half of the people that read this blog of mine are my family 😉

this free printable from
this free printable from Crafting Mom

Don’t you just love this!? – the pledge of allegiance in a good-looking, free printable!

Who doesn't look Americana decor!? This is door decor from Good Housekeeping
Who doesn’t look Americana decor!? This is door decor from Good Housekeeping

So my door isn’t white, I don’t have a lovely screened door or white flowering plants, but I do plan to decorate the outside of our home for our family party *

Lime Sherbert and Sprite Float... yum!
Lime Sherbert and Sprite Float… yum! from Real Mom Kitchen

Of course there will be a lot of yummy food involved *

Twizzlers! from Room to Inspire

So mine might not look sooooo put together like this pretty picture, but I do plan to incorporate twizzlers in our menu!

I will show y’all post-party pictures in a week or so, …. and if you’d like to see what we did last year, here’s the post for that : Happy Independence Day!

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