i need grace * summer reading recommendation

summer lovin' at its best!
summer lovin’ at its best!

I told Tyler a few weeks ago that I wanted – no, needed – to read a good book on the good grace of God. I NEED the Gospel, y’all. I need it any way I can get it. Every way I can get it. And one of the ways is through the books that I read. I love to have uninterrupted conversations with other godly people through their books. Think about it, they’ve thought through and penned (then had edited and re-edited) their knowledge and life experiences on whatever they’re writing. What a RICH conversation you can have with an author.

one way love
This book comes out this fall, in October, and I cannot wait! I’ve even added an ‘event’ to my iCal to remind myself to purchase it!

I am excited to read Tullian Tchividjian’s book this fall when it comes out, One Way Love: Inexhaustible Grace for an Exhausted World. I got excited about the book after reading his introduction to the book, – here’s a link to that. He just seems like such a gospel-centered, grace-grounded man who is educated, thoughtful, articulate, and relatable. Those are pretty good author characteristics. And when you read his blog post, you will not be able to wait – barely – for this book to come out!

In the mean time, I’ve been following him on twitter, reading different blog posts he’s written or whatever. The other week, he mentioned he was reading – and loving – Max Lucado’s book, Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine. Now, I have read many of Lucado’s several million books (maybe an exaggeration, but he’s written A LOT of books). And I recommend any and all of them to you. Lucado is an author that I recommend to the middle school age, and on, because he writes simply. And beautifully.

I borrowed Lucado’s book, Grace, from the library and read it quickly and leisurely, just like the pace of summer, huh? 🙂

just enjoy this book – it’s so good!

And I recommend it to you wholeheartedly.

(Which goes along with another post I wrote a little bit earlier this summer – summer challenge).

Lucado so encourages the Christian to take hold of the reality that the Lord lives IN you, He dwells IN you, and that His grace is overwhelmingly all yours for all of eternity. He writes that when we have received grace, when we have let the Lord wash our feet, when our feet are wet in the precious grace fountain of the Lord, then we can in grace wash others’ feet. And this is what we need. Grace received. and Grace doled out to others.

Just bask in the glow of His grace! And let His grace be new to you, refreshing to you, like a child running to the ocean, run to the Ocean of God, His Grace, His everlasting, never-ending, never-drying-up, never-giving-out, always personally for you, grace grace grace.

Grace, Grace, God’s Grace

Grace that is greater than all our sin….

And grace that is SO MUCH GREATER than we can ever imagine.

Don’t shrink away in fear; don’t shirk away because you cannot take it all in with your frail body.

Instead, let the Lord bathe you, wash you clean, dress you in, and help you to walk day by day in His beautiful grace.

( And, enjoy reading Lucado’s book… and waiting in anticipation with me for Tullian’s book coming out in October. )

2 thoughts on “i need grace * summer reading recommendation

  1. I also love Grace for the Good Girl by Emily Freeman. Thanks for this posting. I will look into the One Way Love book coming out in the fall. Blessings! Love, Rachael @ Inking the Heart. Linking after you at Wednesday Prayer Girls.

    1. Thank you so much, Rachael! It’s good to hear from you. It’s so funny and good that you would mention that book; I have read it – and, boy, was it good! – and I even wrote a post on it. Because you mentioned it, I think I’ll include a link to that post on this one. And don’t you just love Juana’s blog!?

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