my heart is full

I have so much to write, and I am just going to begin here – with pictures. Thankfully, someone once said that pictures are worth a thousand words. If that saying is true, which I think it certainly can be, then you are about to read a good book with this post. 

Courtney, Always Autumn Studios, who has photographed us from the beginning, since our engagement and wedding, came over to our home last Sunday afternoon and took pictures of our family of four. He and his wife, Laura, have become some of our dearest friends; we consider them family. They are a step ahead of us in marriage, with children, and we so value their experience, wisdom, and heart. They are fun, loving, – Laura is THE SWEETEST person I know – and Courtney is passionate and direct (which of course I just admire so much), – imperfect but perfect people and we are humbled and happy to call them our friends, to know them as our family. 

When we came into our home Sunday, we all three talked about the fact that Leland’s newborn pictures were in our home too and Tyler and I wondered how Courtney would make the pictures stand apart from Leland’s. Of course, Grafton is himself, he looks like Grafton, not like Leland; I dressed him differently, :), but as far as the surroundings and setting, we just couldn’t see how Courtney would get a new look out of the same home. ((And on top of that, because he has photographed us so many times throughout the years, he works extra-creatively to frame us in a fresh way… so there’s that, too))

Boy, did he impress! He even took photos of us outside, which our ‘yard’ is fine for play, but it’s no manicured park. And the photographs are stunning. 

I emailed him to thank him, and let him know this


are these a dream or what!? courtney, you outdo yourself every time. i cannot believe it. glimpses of heaven.

you know what’s amazing – your photography leads me to worship the Lord – what an amazing talent and skill and heart and mind you have in it. praise the Lord from whom all blessings flow.

i’m going have to move to a bigger house so i have more walls to hang all of your great work.


Truly good art, a balanced combination of clarity and interest, should guide us to worship the Lord. And truly, Courtney’s work is good photography, good art. 

So, without further ado, here is a bit of a glimpse into our Sunday afternoon, into heaven.




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