we’ll start in the beginning… it’s a very good place to start

I promised in a previous blog post that I would try to share with y’all about life as a wife and mommy a little bit more than I have before. And I want to keep this promise.

I also am not necessarily going to tell you through a blog post every jot and tittle detail like I might if we were sitting face to to face. Please, if you would like, come by for some sweet tea. **

But for right now, since we aren’t sitting in my living room together, I want simply to list some of the multitude of blessings that the Lord gifted to Tyler and me through the days of labor and delivery.

well hi! baby
well hi! baby

God our Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ our Savior and Lord, and the Holy Spirit, who is LOVE, JOY, PEACE, LIFE

1. time with each other

2. time as a family, the three of us. it will never be just the three of us again

3. wonderful weather

4. our family

5. a whisper in the ear, “yes, darling, grafton is coming soon”

6. a walk in the sunshine

7. an experienced, sweet triage nurse

8. the same doctor who delivered leland / and he is practically a raleigh icon

9. a godly labor and delivery nurse

10. a wonderful, close-by hospital that some women like to refer to as the Rex Resort

11. leland’s healing

12. the chairman of the board of the hospital is a friend of ours, a godly man who is only apart of what is good and always makes what he is apart of good

13. a walking date throughout the halls of the hospital, complete with coca-cola (13b. caffeine)

14. a good epidural, one of the wonderful common graces of the Lord despite the Fall of Man

15. a labor that took less time

16. G was born on his due date – did you know that it’s a very very small % of babies who are born actually on their due date?!

17. friends that were elated with us

18. family that stayed up all night into the wee hours of the morning to meet baby G

19. the first cries !!!! music to my ears (19b. the heartbeat monitor to hear his strong heartbeat throughout labor)

20. healthy lungs, a good bath, and thumb sucking

21. a hungry boy!

22. sustaining our lives 22b. laughter 

23. a godly mommy & baby nurse for the first hours of his life

24. for rachel – a husband who is Christ to me

25. breakfast and His mercies, faithfully new every morning (25b. sunshine through the large window in our room)

26. a comfortable bed – one of the new ones!

27. first world, first class accommodations

28. an appetite with good food to satisfy

29. a pastor and his wife who show us the Good Shepherd

30. enough iron in my body

31. stable vitals

32. a first-class pediatrician who we trust with both of our little men

33. all of our visitors

34. the morning with just the three of us, daddy, mommy, and newborn

35. leland and his immediate love for baby G

36. sweet first holding both of our children

37. a safe drive home with hot coffee in hand

38. the excited welcome from our ball of energy & love

39. home sweet home

40. sleep

there are so many more – a countless multitude – of blessings

Praise God from whom all blessings flow

One thought on “we’ll start in the beginning… it’s a very good place to start

  1. Congratulations on that precious boy! Our youngest will be three in a few weeks and I think everyone in our family is ready for a new baby… There is nothing sweeter than a snugly newborn!

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