welcome our second joy, our son, Grafton

precious baby boy {always autumn studios}
precious baby boy {always autumn studios}

Grafton Raleigh arrived on his due date, weighing 7.5 lbs. and was 22″ long – long & lean, like his daddy. We welcome our second son, our second joy, with thrilled elation and serious joy.

He is our child promised to us by the Lord.

smile, captured
i cannot get over this precious love’s smile! {always autumn studios}

In his days (he’s one month today!!!) since his big arrival, he has captured our hearts, over and over and over again. We are immediately and fully in love with him.

our little men
love overflowing for our two little men :: we pray for them each strong godliness, to be blessed men; to be brothers united in steadfast love

One of the neatest realities for Grafton is that he always has been – since the moment of conception – and he always will be – until his final breath – a BROTHER. How very precious and special that is. One of my most primary prayers for our sons is that the Lord will unite them as believers in the Holy Spirit in brotherly love, for the Kingdom, for His glory, for their abundant, good, blessed life. I pray that my men are men to be reckoned with, godly, strong, loving, men who live abundantly and eternally, giving their lives to the King and His Kingdom.

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