lavished love

praise the Lord – today, I listened to my little man and, by His great love which He has lavished on me, I responded in love.


Leland and I were driving home from bible study, when he announced, cake pop – cake pop!

We were driving past Starbucks, the yummy place with milk and cake pops.

I asked Leland, baby, would you like a cake pop?… and with an excited yes! from the back seat, I turned around, and we drove through the line at Starbucks, commencing Leland’s two year old birthday celebration.

Surely, this is a simple way to celebrate. And something I could have distracted him from, dismissed altogether, or indulged after he (may have) whined.

But I love that the Lord reminded me in my heart of His lavish love with which He loves me! — and I thought, I can do this good for my son. I can show him that I love him with a simple yummy, a cake pop. In the same way that the precious Lord uses simple means to show me His great love, I can show Leland my love for him by driving through the Starbucks line and requesting, two cake pops, please!

What momentous memories we can make with our loves when we remember the Lord’s sweet love for us, when we respond out of the overflow of His love, when we say yes, yes, yes, yes, my child, I love you and yes, I will do you good.

our delicious delights


2 thoughts on “lavished love

  1. Oh, how I love this post!!! Though sometimes necessary, it is FAR too easy to say “no.” Far too often!!! Thank you for the sweet reminder of the opportunity we have to love our littles lavishly!

    1. oooh girl thank you 🙂 a seasoned, godly mommy told me that one of her principles as she parented her now grown, godly children was “say yes when you can; say no when you have to (if they would hurt someone else or themselves)” i just love this, don’t you?

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