every little…


jot : 

“the smallest amount”

the line that crosses the lower case letter “t”

and :

the coordinating conjunction that connects [two small, insignificant words]


“very small part”

a small distinguishing mark, like the dot that sits atop the lower case letter “i” and “j”

The word tittle is rarely used.

Its most prominent occurrence is in the Bible, in Matthew 5:18, which reads, “For truly, I say to you, until heaven and earth pass away, not a jot or one tittle shall in no way, pass from the Law until all is accomplished.”  The quotation uses them as an example of extremely minor details (that Jesus, the Law-Fulfiller, would fulfill every little part of the Law)

The phrase “jot and tittle” indicates that every small detail has received attention.


I don’t know about you, but I just think that there is so much to unpack here, in this funny little phrase. In the new title of my blog.


I’m not a detail-oriented kind of girl. I see the big picture, and trust someone else with all of the little stuff to bring the vision into focus.

But it is becoming more and more apparent to me that it is in the “jots & tittles” of my life where the Lord seems to be doing His biggest work.

In the seemingly insignificant decisions. In the extra. The small minute. The unplanned. The places unrealized and tucked away. 

And when I think about the fact that I am not a every-little-detail thinker and doer, it astounds me that the BIG God of the Universe, Creator of the heavens and of earth, could be so intimately involved, connected, and even communicates to me through the littlest stuff of life.

As this reality has become and is becoming more and more in my face, I want to share with you the wonderment that the Lord is revealing to me.

It’s not that I’m going to share with you through this blog every little jot & tittle, every detail and happenstance of my life.

But whatever I do write… is all apart of the little that makes up life.

And as I have started to take note of the little — obeying the Lord fully the first time in the insignificant; treasuring the tiny your child brings to you in his small hand; loving your husband’s sideways smile to you when you thought he didn’t even notice you,…

you realize the little is the big. 

…that all of it is ordained by the Lord, for your good, His glory, His kingdom; that He is serving up foretastes of heaven on earth, eternal life, which is like comfort food to His children, for us to feast on and enjoy in the everyday of life.

And if this seems like just a mouthful of words, stay with me and let’s just see how the Lord unpacks this in my heart and hopefully in yours too.

Let’s let Him spread out the banquet before us…

So, here’s to the Lord who cannot help Himself but take care of us, for that is His very nature. And here’s to us, His littles, who, if we are indeed saved by grace through faith, have been redeemed and are loved, down to every little jot & tittle.

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