struggles, sicknesses, sins, and snares

… After discovering Debra was diagnosed with Parkinson’s, Tyler and I faced different friends’ many other hardships all throughout the (long) month of December.

— We visited with some of our married friends who were home for Christmas. Struggles through uncertainty and doubt as to just who is Jesus marked our conversation with them.

— A sweet friend, one from my childhood, is pregnant with her second little love. She and her husband are praying, waiting to find out if the child inside will be born with physical and mental disabilities.

— My friend, a peer, a good Christian man, husband, and daddy to three precious children, right on top of all of the happy of Christmas was struck blind in one eye, lost strength in his leg, and was diagnosed with the life deteriorating disease of Multiple Sclerosis.

— One of my dearest friend’s family members died at the age of 51 suddenly and unexplainably days after Christmas, leaving behind a wife and children, his parents and many friends.

My sister, whose first son was born a few days after Christmas (yay!), has suffered through the first days of his life, sore, sick, and fevered.

Christmas Eve, Tyler came down with bronchitis and was the sickest I have ever seen him. He was laid out for a few days, full of fever and sweat. I hunkered down with the boys in our house, the aftermath of Christmas strewn everywhere.

These struggles, sicknesses, sins, and snares weigh heavy on my heart as we all trudge into the new year. January for me has not been like other’s highroad to resolution, but a crawl to my Daddy’s lap. 

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