the song of the Savior

Friend, sister, sweet love, I want to share with you the song the Lord has been singing over me through His Word, through my prayer time, through conversations with brothers and sisters in Christ, through sermons, through just anywhere He could get the song to me…  Listen to the Holy Spirit’s song of pure wisdom, replete with grace.


I am Sovereign, Good, Gracious. I am Savior. I am Life.

All of life is from My hand. I do all things well. Pleasure and pain, all Mercy. I both will and do.

ALL is for My glory.

As our Heavenly Daddy lifts me up into His everlasting-loving-faithful arms, He sings over me with His truth. Big, deep choruses. Hushing whispers, soothes.

Perhaps, if you are like me, God’s BIG is scary to you. You think, really, it’s all from His hand?! You question, really!? He does all things well!? Parkinson’s! Multiple Sclerosis!? Physical deformity!? Doubt?! Fever!?

Think with me for a minute though — who else’s hand would you rather it be from?

We know the Lord is Sovereign and Gracious and Savior and Good. And we know He works all things together for our good and for His glory which are inextricably linked. All of life is from Him and He does all things well. The Sovereign Savior wraps us in eternal comfort. Truth offers His shoulder for our weary heads to rest. And He sings, He sings over us.

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