mundane resolve

Perhaps you are more like me in your every day – maybe today is not the day you are suffering through the hardest thing you’ve ever faced. Maybe today is normal, decently mundane. The worst thing that has happened to you is that your plan isn’t so much of a plan anymore. Like me, you struggle with that. It stresses me out with the best of them not to have my plan work. But, like Tyler and I laughed over my plan and to-do list, it’s like it’s been run through the shredder and scattered all over the house. And here, like me, you feel your neediness. You feel weighing your weak inability.

Maybe you’ve even found out some really good news, something you’ve prayed for.

Life swelling your body.

A new promotion and a new house.

A child, graduated.

Just married, homemaker-wife.

And still this happiness has its weight.

You’re little. You’re needy. It’s bigger than you — and all you can do is crawl. Crawl into your Daddy’s lap, and let Him tell you who you are and let Him take care of you.

You are created by the Creator, saved by the Savior of the World.

Your identity is in His glory. You are all together at the same time smaller than you once thought and more significant, even immortal and indispensable, than you’ve ever realized. This great mystery is all wrapped up in Christ, who was condemned to die for your sins as a child of wrath, but who in Himself also makes you alive, a child of God.

You in your flesh, weak. Christ makes you worth.

This wide awake reality is nothing to be managed; it cannot be organized. His glory is bigger than any labeling system. It’s weighty and it’s heavy.

It’s in the mundane that you work out your salvation.

It’s in the giddy happiness that draws tears in your eyes that you quietly realize that joy and sorrow mingle on this side of heaven.

It’s the stuff that we call normal and small that’s really some of the biggest in our life.

Weak, worth it-child, in your little-bigness, rest in Christ and His eternal comfort. Let Him feed your soul from the good nourishment of His Word. Let Him dress you in His garment of praise, His robe of righteousness. Hum to yourself throughout the day the song He sings over you throughout the night. Listen and obey at every little action and decision.

Down to every little jot and tittle, let the Sovereign Gracious Lord be so in your scattered. in your mundane. in your happy new. in your hardest battle yet…. And let THIS be your one resolve.

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