all, mercy

Glorify God because of His great mercy towards us,…

Grafton’s crying. 2AM. Can’t think straight.

Think to pray for Kyle and Sarah; Stephanie; Debra; Christianne. Me. I am the least of these.

Still, I’m sad.

I remember :: All = mercy.

So while I listen to my baby cry, mercy.

I can think.

I can hear. –> My baby. (which means he) Is alive.

(I can hear him) Crying. –> Solid healthy lungs. Home warm. Bed provided.

Provision after provision, grace upon grace. Mercy, sweet Lord.

And while it’s unseemly to me that my better half is snoring (through all of this crying),… husband. Still breathing. Sleeping. You are sustaining.

Mercy, down to every little jot and tittle.

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