the air I breathe

In Anne Graham Lotz’s, Magnificent Obsession, she intertwines Abraham’s and her story, calling her reader out of their comfort, out of their sin, selfishness, and sorry half-heartedness, and into the great I AM.

Before I started to even read this book, through a conversation started with my sister, I have been thinking on this question, “What is my passion?” – and how does my passion define, describe, direct, determine, my life choices? my day-in and day-out? my focus? my goals? my to-do lists? my heart’s affection, my mind’s attention, my strength’s utilization? my all?

Elisabeth Elliot was recently in attendance at my church, reminding me through her presence of her husband’s quote, “He is no fool who gives up what he cannot keep to keep what he cannot lose.”

Jesus says it this way, “For what does it profit a man to gain the whole world and forfeit his soul?”

I want my passion to be Jesus. I want my passion to be becoming a godly wife. a godly mommy. a godly woman for the glory of the Lord.

How is my life defined by this passion?

Do I fix my eyes on the Author and Perfecter of my Faith? Am I in His Word, in prayer, consistently, continually, concentratedly?

Does the way that I love my husband and take care of my sons reflect this passion?

Does my to-do list help or hinder me to meet my passions?

Or am I stuck in the way of the world? Listlessly running after whatever the world says to do, says to measure up to, says to admire and acquire and desire?

Am I giving up myself, my sin, my selfishness, the world’s hold on me, so that I can passionately pursue Jesus Christ?

In my day in and day out, when He meets with me in the morning, I hear Him saying to me…

Rachel, you breathe me. Not your breath of man-machinated relief through to do lists done and planners full of pencilled plans. A pantry full and hair pretty and boys playing and husband …. well, none of it is your breath. 


I AM your Provider.

I AM your Protector.

I AM your Treasure. your Wealth.

I AM your All in All.

I AM your Passion.

I AM your LIFE.


Yes, Lord. yes…

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