learning : celebrate life



Trembling, I brought Tyler the pregnancy test and the instructions to prove to him, yes, I did it right. The test read ‘positive.’ I was only weeks into our first pregnancy. We had waited and prayed and prayed some more, and January 2011, the Lord revealed His answer to us. Our child, prayed for.

The very same day, we announced the news to our family. Like the super bowl had been won by their favorite team, our family exploded into cheering and congratulations.

I was 6 weeks pregnant.

The first lesson I remember the Lord teaching me is this – celebrate life. This life, this teensy baby, is a precious gift from me, who is Life. So, celebrate life.

For us, we celebrated this baby’s life through sharing the wonderful news with our family and friends. We prayed in earnest for this little love. We prepared for the baby’s arrival, even only weeks in, before we knew the baby’s gender.

And we celebrated life as I was laid out on the couch, sick sick sick with life filling my body. There were many days when Tyler would come home to me in the same place he had left me, the couch. When he asked what I had done that day, I replied, “Kept our baby alive!”

Showers were hosted; presents waited on the little. Walls were painted and bedding covered the crib.

I remember sitting outside of Starbucks, decaf (first child,… 😉 latte in hand, talking with Tyler about what we would name the child if she was a girl; what we would name the child if he was a boy.

And the next day we found out – boy! and we celebrated some more.

We shared his name, Leland Tyler, with our family and friends, and strangers for that matter, inviting everyone who would to join in our celebration, to join us in praying for this life growing inside.

9 steady months later, our 9lb 1oz 22in big little newborn baby arrived. And we celebrated! We shared meals with family, we took turns holding cuddly dollbaby. We rocked and fussed and cooed and snapped pictures with our iPhones.

At one week old, we had a mini-birthday party. For heaven’s sakes, by God’s grace, we had made it a whole week!

And even today, we celebrate, the Lord of life, Life Himself, and Leland’s life and now sweet Grafton’s life, because life is a gift. Life is the gift.


Happy Easter Monday!
Happy Easter Monday!



4 thoughts on “learning : celebrate life

  1. Love this article and picture! God blesses us above and beyond what we can ask or imagine, and He certainly has blessed you and Tyler!! Much love, Renee

  2. I love this! It’s so fun to remember Leland and Baby G’s life in the very beginning stages!! And you have ALWAYS been a celebrator- notes and treats for first days of school, last days of school, and every little achievement in between- I was very blessed with a big sister who was also my live-in cheerleader (even when I wasn’t so cheery) 😉 hahah!

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