summer storms // praise precedes

A few summers ago, high on sunshine and sand, a new baby filling my arms, and God’s whispers filling my heart, a friend and I read through Ann Voskamp’s, One Thousand Gifts. The Lord knit our hearts together, in Him and under Him. We slipped away to a downtown Starbucks and ate our breakfast sandwiches without sharing, hot. We sipped our coffee and I laughed, telling her I couldn’t remember the last time I had finished a cup of coffee, finished my food by myself…

Now, it’s summer again. By God’s grace, His mercies are new every hot southern morning. And with two babies filling my heart, with God almost literally yelling at me His promises, and reading through Luke with Beth Moore in Jesus, the One and Only, I offer my gourmet raspberry chocolate chip popsicle to whatever little mouth wants just a taste at the same friend’s house whose heart mine is knit to, sister-friend in the Lord…

and we wait.

Glimmers of God coming flicker across our young-woman eyes like sunshine across the sea.

and we pray.

Hope bellows through every chamber of our heart like wind roaring along the coastline.

Storms are raging. The ocean, in and out, and up and over and spilling all around our little lives’, like sailboats…

and we believe.

All is under His authority. We come under in faith in this storm. God created it and God commands it. He invited us into it, whispering, “Come, let us go across the lake…”

—  — This is almost too much for me. Lord Jesus, thank you for inviting me to come with you to cross the lake. And, O God, thank you so much for coming with me. No matter the boat or lake or storm or sunshine, it’s all nowhere good fast if you are not with me, if you have not invited me to come and ordained, established, preserved, and are sovereign and good, in whatever it is. — —


We watch and wait, seas flipping and sides quaking, wind howling, the rain and the sunshine mixing and making all things new… making us new… We watch and we wait to see how the Lord will calm the storm. To see how He will get us to the other side.

And we know that we have woken you up with our prayers… that you answer us right when we call to you.

And we pray in hope and faith and fervent love, Even so, Come, Lord Jesus, quickly! For you are the Come-Through God. You are coming… You have come… and You are coming again. And You calm and quiet the storm and get us to the other side. In quietness and rest is our strength. Be our strength.

And we hear Him yell, “STOP!” and we see the wind and the waves obey Him.

Lord, we want to be found faithful before the Faithful God. We want instead of rebuke, to hear ‘well done, good and faithful servant. Child, enter into my rest and plenty.’

So, we praise Your name, praise precedes the miracle. Counting on your character, we count our blessings, naming them one by one. We count on you to come through, and we are whispering back to you, whispering back praises to Your name.

You are coming, Lord, Thank you for coming.

You are our come-through God, Thank you.

You are doing more than our eyes and ears and hearts and minds have ever seen our heard or dreamed or imagined. You are doing your good and your glory in your way for your children, us….

And Lord, on that day when friend and I sit together over coffee and breakfast, our feet propped up on the Rock of Your goodness, we will shout your praise. We will shout back to you You.

Faithful God

Come Through God

Jesus the One and Only

Our Miracle – Our Delight – Our Praise

Be with us on the other side…



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