starting and ending and still going ahead

Ministry is hard and there are ministry miles ahead. 

Yesterday, Tyler and I commenced the last week of summer-weeks travel with MPB. He’s gone; I’m home, boys in the next room, sleeping still.

The last seven, well, ten, months, have been alot-of-life-lived months, hard months, beautiful months, real-life, yep-you’re-a-grown-up months. Months that the Lord has called us further up and further in, into Him, into Life, who is Christ.

What encouragement the Lord has given us – ministry miles are ahead. We see you, Lord, coming, We see you Lord, and we are coming to You. We see you, Lord, because You are with us.

And we trust in You, Lord. We entrust ourselves to You. You are our Treasure. I pray that my faith in Christ be grounded in His steadfast Word, be regulated by His Spirit, not rising and falling with surrounding circumstances, not affected by an audience. I pray that my heart be hidden in Him, Treasure, and my mouth reveal He is my heart’s abundance.

I pray I will abide in Christ. Hidden, alive in Him. I pray I will choose the best, Christ. His will. His dreams. His desire. His way.

Sometimes the Lord let’s you ask, has you ask, so He can answer you, so that you’ll hear Him, listening intently. 

There is nothing too hard for the Lord. Whatever your big matter, your significant stress, it is light for the Lord. He is always able. He can do anything. Even in your hard, even in your stress and doubt, fear and stumbling, ask,… listen for the Lord to answer. He says that He answers those who cry out to Him. Isn’t this so sweet of the Lord?, that He would bring you to a point of desperate asking, so that you will be listening, so that He can answer you and you hear His voice?

And we rejoice in this, that our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life. 

Yes, Lord, You’ve given us life, and new life, and a task and the ability and heart to do it, the power and the help, and then you call us not to rejoice in all of these things, but in this : that our names are written in the Lamb’s Book of Life.

Praise God from whom all blessings flow. 


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