a new home

it was about a year ago that i began tirelessly searching through our local real estate website for a new house.

i didn’t know if or when we would move. but with january’s cold dark settling into our townhome, i wanted sunshine – a bigger play-living space inside – and a yard. a yard a yard a yard.

throughout the months of searching, i told – threatened 🙂 – tyler that i was willing to live in a tent if it was in the middle of a fenced in green space.

two boys bouncing everywhere and the need for sunshine on my skin made me want a yard so. badly.

last year… shoot, the last year and a half, has been a laborious one for tyler and me. and i know that’s a weird word – laborious – but i just think it might be the best word i know to describe the past bit of our lives.

we have trudged. we have worked. we have lost sleep. we have welcomed life. we have fixed fixed fixed fixed our eyes on Jesus and we are waiting in hope. for so much.

if you read back through the last year of posts, you will see a glimpse into a bit of what i am talking about. and if you call me… or come over, especially with a latte for me in your hand :), i will share even more. if you’d like.

and in that year, the Lord gave us a house. we hit the jackpot – again. (we hit it with our first house too, the townhome…) the minute i saw the listing i knew it was OUR house. you better believe it, I was blowing up our realtor’s phone, tyler’s phone, figuring out how in the world we could be first in line, our offer accepted.

the story surrounding the buying and selling of our homes is totally the Lord. it’s amazing.

and even though the time the Lord gave us our home was also splattered with sadness and more hard stuff, He made this gift – our home – such a respite for us. even with the cardboard boxes and piles of stuff everywhere.

so it’s been a year. and it’s january again. with sun pouring in through the windows at every side of our new home. a backyard fenced in that really is better than i could have imagined. even though we are still working on driving out the mushrooms and some ugly bushes. but who cares!? i’m happy. there’s sunshine and warmth and it’s january and i love our new home.

goodness, Lord, if there’s anything I have learned through this time it’s this – I do not deserve it. you. life, good anything, anything. if there’s something i do deserve it’s dirt and death and everything disgusting.

so thank you so so so so so so much for not giving me what i deserve. and then on top of that giving me what i do. not. deserve. Life is not fair, and praise the Lord.

and where we suffer bits of what we do deserve, only temporary. only fleeting. only fading fast into the glorious light of eternity and the glorious life of Christ.

all, grace. all grace. ALL GRACE. 

this is my view right now… and it’s grace upon grace upon grace. let me just list for you, for those of you who just want to know a teensy more… some of the ways in this is a glimpse of grace upon grace. 1. the table is a pre-craiglist find by tyler when he was cleaning at a house 2. the orchid is still alive. hello! and it was a gift from one of our neighbor’s the minute we moved in. and it makes a great centerpiece, not too huge, easy to move, and PRETTY. 3. the sunshine. 4. the marks of life all over our table’s top. 5. that couch, also an awesome CL find. 6. the fur blanket… need i say more? 7. toys and life and the pb table, also CL. i love CL. 🙂 8. those curtains, ikea and the curtain rod, target. which is probably the primary reason we already have some curtains hung… because it was extremely affordable. and y’all, the look is just easy. and i just love that right now. 9. see how the walls are white? they were already like that. praise the Lord, because whatever home we moved into, i wanted to paint the walls white. and erin did a fantastic job choosing a perfect white. 10. peeping out in the corner, those bookshelves were built by my grandaddy. thank you. 11. they have anthropologie glass knobs on them. yay! 12. and goodness if i list out each toy in the photo and tell its story and Grace given, well, this list would be so long. 13. there’s more – the house had (still has) new windows, which was a concern as we looked at homes, AND new HVAC, which was an even bigger concern. (see that vent!) 14. the floors need refinishing badly. which makes them great floors for our young family. 15. and one day i would like to exchange the zebra print for something else… but even that is a reminder that the Lord gave me even that fabric for those chairs to a tee of the vision i had in my head at the time (i reupholstered them for our former home shortly after tyler found the table and chairs) alrighty, that’s enough… 😉

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