Love Comes from God

I love February – it’s short and it’s sweet and it’s the connection to spring – and it’s the month in which we celebrate Valentine’s Day.

Now, I know sometimes V-Day get’s a bad rap : it’s the holiday that digs up the dregs of love gone by, love gone wrong, love gone gone gone. It’s a Hallmark-holiday – one created by the card company to get consumers to, well, consume, and feel guilty and loveless if they do not participate. It’s a holiday that has everyone going around measuring how much they love and how much they are loved, and often, the measurement comes up short.

So, I get it. And that seems pretty pitiful to me, too.

However, I like to see the big 1-4 as a day – and February as an entire month – where we celebrate the lavish love of the Lord. for us, to us, on us, over us… His steadfast love that has endured for generations and will extend throughout all of eternity. I think the minute we will our minds to turn from ourselves and to turn to the Lord we will fall head over heels in love with Him. And He is Love.

God is Love.

Love is from God.

God loves us.

Girlfriend, (because I am thinking if you’re reading my blog, you’re most likely a girl), this reality is stunning.

God is Love – not, sometimes He loves. But He is Love – Love is His very nature. He cannot help Himself but exude Love. And for all of creation, He defines, describes, and demonstrates Love.

Love is from God. – All of the love we have, all of the love we give, all of the love we experience and express is from and through God.

God loves us. – Ok, this is just so crazy! God. Creator, Sustainer, Sovereign is also Loving Savior, Father, and Redeemer. His loves bends towards us. His love is directed to His creation, the crown of His creation, us – little humans! and little sinners, at that! And He loves US. So much so and in this great way that He died for us. And then was raised, and now intercedes on our behalf as He sits at the right hand of the Throne of God.

I mean, this is too much!

So, this February – this Valentine’s Day – let’s lift our eyes and look to the Lover of our Souls and live in His love for us, live out His love from Him.

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