the patience of God

Around our house, we say “practice patience” – and we mean, give grace and give some space to the person who needs it right now. We mean, wait with a happy heart.

giving and waiting – both responses.

And then the other day I was soaking up the afternoon sun and His Word was pouring in and I learned about the patience of God.

I always primarily thought about God’s patience in two ways –

1. that He is patience with us, with me

2. that He works in time – He is outside of time, and He works within time, too.

We see in Scripture that He waits until “the fullness of time” to send His Son. And then He waits nine months for the baby to form in Mary’s womb. He then waits another 30 years until His Son’s ministry formally commences. He waits three days to raise His Son from the dead…. and then He waits even more until His ascension into Heaven. Even now, God waits to send His Son again… to complete His kingdom… God waits.

And something dawned on me…

Patience is not mostly a reaction, or response of God, but patience is an attribute of God.

Yes, He is VERY patient with me. and Yes, He works in time. But patience is not primarily a reaction. God’s patience as a response to me is out of the overflow of His very nature.

Before this facet of who God is shimmered its way into my heart, I always thought of God always busy, always working, and when He was being patient with me (to get over myself, to confess my sin, to lay aside my hindrances) He was still moving, working, bustling around. Surely, God is always at work.

But there is another sense in which God waits. He has established His plan and He waits for all of His plan to come together.

So often I want life to be once and done. Not, I want to end it… but I just want what I want done, and done now. I want to be able to snap my fingers and say YAY it’s done! 🙂 Let’s enjoy!

But this isn’t reality – life is dynamic, always moving, and there’s always a wait. This is the way the Lord Himself ordered the world, and we are to enjoy the journey, walking with Him. There is so much to see along the way, so much to talk about, to learn of Him.

We see in Scripture that the fruit of the Spirit is…. patience. Patience! An attribute of God which He lovingly offers to share with us when we are saved by Him, when we submit to Him.

We can wait with a happy heart, trusting Him to fulfill His will, His way.

We can give grace and space to those around us.

We can walk with Him, inviting others along to enjoy life with Him.

… All because of the presence and patience of God.

Praise {our patient} God from whom all blessings flow!

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