for such a time is this

hopefully this blog post isn’t the first time that you have heard about planned parenthood’s evil exposed. but if it is, it’s high time you educated yourself on this over-whelminging alarming matter. and it’s high time you, by the grace and under the fear of God, engage the outcry and do whatever you can literally to help save lives.

if you need to know where to go to learn (more), i have tried to retweet every last article on the matter – my twitter handle is everylittlejot. Take the time to educate yourself. Ask the Lord where you are to engage. In this matter, it is not a matter of whether or not you should engage, only a question of how.

i’m an ordinary girl with a small voice – still, i am called by the Lord to be faithful, and to cry out against this evil. I am also called to cry out the gospel.

and the gospel is – that for everyone who believes on the Lord Jesus Christ, they will be saved. Cry out, call on Him, and be saved.

And as you are His, then cry out for life. cry out for the defenseless unborn. And cry out for the ministry of reconciliation to affect all of those who are horrendously involved and affected by abortion.

Pray, believe, call out, engage. For Life.

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