I just cannot get this – how my story related with abortion and planned parenthood out of my head – it both haunts and comforts me, and I think that the Lord wants me to share some of my story.

In the winter of 1985, soon after the holiday lights had been taken down and snowflakes were always hoped for, a young, college-aged man bent his knee and asked for her hand. She, a little bit younger than he, and a good bit prettier, said yes – they were going to be married!

In the middle of wedding planning, a second announcement had to be made. The blue eyed boy and the brown eyed girl went to the pastor, who also was his uncle, and confessed that soon a baby was coming.

The stars were whisked out of their eyes and back into the sky.

The wedding was moved to May – spring time, tulips and daffodils lined the stone church, and the two of them stood at the altar with the ground firmly under their feet. It was a beautiful day, not only because it was a wedding and weddings are beautiful days, but because the congregation that surrounded them, family and friends, affirmed their decision that to be sick with life was better than to live with regret.

One after another, a child was given by the Lord to the young married two, and soon, four littles crowded their laps and filled their hearts.

These children, held by their mamma and hugged by their daddy, knew that children are a blessing.

A bit after the fourth child was born, they found out they were pregnant with their fifth. Truth be told, it wasn’t joy at first discovery. They were sobered by life, and learning of this little put a heavy weight in their sobriety.

The – still young – momma read “Children are a gift from the LORD” Psalm 127:3 – and His Word spoke – this child too is a gift. that I AM has given you.

Carried until February, the little boy was born, and the family was complete.

Ten years from the time the couple sat inside the pastor’s vestibule and confessed their transgression, the Lord graced them with a fifth gift, a baby boy. .., their second boy, another boy.

Only the good Lord knows all of the hard times and heaviness these two lived through. Only the Lord knows how broke and broken they became. Only the good Lord know how hard they cried, how hard they worked, how much and how deeply they sacrificed for these five littles. And when the littlest guy was born, they were barely 30 years old.

Children are a heritage from the Lord. These children – now grown, most married, a couple with children of their own, are the best investment that those two young man and woman have done with their lives. The rewards from their labor is manifold; their crown is in heaven.

I am so, so humbled and so, so proud of my momma and daddy – they didn’t give up before they tried. They didn’t do the justifiable option and abort me when they were both too young and scared. And they didn’t abort my brother, Hayes, another boy, too sobered and scared.

They fought the good fight – they fought the fight of life, for life – and they are winning.

Life is worth fighting for – life is worth it. So, fight for it.

7 thoughts on “fight

  1. This is precious to hear your love in this post…most than once, I wished I wasn’t a follower of Christ, so that I could take the easy way out. As always, the Lord turned my will to His will, and blessed me beyond imagineable measure. I can’t even start to express the joy it has been in my life to be mommy to my Rachel, Noelle, Christianne, Duke and Hayes!

  2. It is a sweet gift to see the story that the Lord has penned for us as we look back. I, too, was a surprise to many, except the Lord. I, too, am thankful my mother walked OUT of the clinic with a diligent heart to keep me close to her if no one else wanted to do that. She chose a hard road, but she tells me she has never regretted it. I was blessed with a grandfather who loved Jesus and loved deep on me and prayed me through, those prayers still hanging heavy in my life.

  3. I’m in tears. Your mom’s story is my story. Same timeframe, just two decades and two years later and with mama and daddy being just a few years older. He was on staff at a church. I was head over heels in love. Engaged and dreaming of our life. Never in a million years did we imagine we would be in this place… or, in those first few moments, the love we would have for that firstborn girl. But here we are, 8 years later, with four precious blessings on earth and three in Heaven, thanking our Father for walking us through those days. Our whole world knew what we’d done, so we named her Grace. To point back to Him and His goodness in spite of us.

    So glad you “liked” my Pinterest pin… which led me to Google your blog to see if you still updated it. Thank you for sharing your family’s story.

    1. girl, what a blessing – how sweet the Holy Spirit is to us – I am excited for the one day when we get to meet each other… how gracious Providence has been to both of us and I pray in this season of celebration, thanksgiving & christmas, in a particular way you know and experience His great love for you.
      Also, I would just love one day whenever we meet … on this side of the sun or on the other … to share a cup of coffee and to hear your beautiful story…
      so, thank you, friend.

      1. Thank you, Rachel:) I would love to share our story and hear more about yours. Kindred spirits I believe we are:) (At least that’s what Pinterest would have me believe!)

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