november, I welcome you

man, I am so glad it’s November.

I love the golden leaves swirling, falling through the blue sky.

I love cold, crisp, dark nights and chilly mornings, a perfect pairing for that hot cup of coffee I drink.

I love love love Thanksgiving. I am excited about putting into action some of my pinterest inspirations… books for the boys; a thankful-tree; delicious recipes; memorizing Scripture. and being thankful. 

There are two truths the Lord is teaching me right now… forever, I am sure:

1 – “All I have needed, Thy hand has provided” – twofold truth here. One, He provides. Two, in the past tense here, all i need, He’s given. So if I don’t have it, perhaps I don’t need it. He doesn’t see it fit for me right now. Trust the Lord is Sovereign AND Good.

2 – a sacrifice of praise – sometimes praising the Lord is a sacrifice. A putting aside of and killing my “why’s” and a want for explanation, a want for justification. Get this, self! : I am justified in Christ. He is THE, MY Justifier. HE is LIFE, He is the explanation. And in all of it, goodness I want to be like Job, who yes, questioned, but who also was quiet. And who through it all did not sin. But offered up to God Most High, “Blessed be the name of the Lord.”

So, Lord, I welcome November, and Your changing seasons, Your unchanging nature. And I thank You – I bless You – for Great is your Faithfulness unto me…. whether you give or whether you take away I WILL say, Blessed be the name of the Lord. And not because of me, not because of any good I have done… but all because of You.

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