november, a season of celebration

it’s a discipline, it’s a duty, it’s a delight, it’s a day in and day out sort of deal.

giving thanks.

we set aside a special day to gather, to get around a table with our family, friends, and really yummy food, to remember what we’ve been given, remember it is the Lord who gave us it all, gives us breath…

and I am very thankful for the set aside day.

some days you may not feel like it. some days thanks-giving is a delight. others, you may mumble thank you out of duty and discipline…. there’s a sense in which all of the ways you thank are good. as long as your thanks is directed to the Lord, who is the Giver.

the Lord is the Giver, to whom we give our thank-you. To whom we give our praise, our adoration.

He is worth the discipline, the duty, the delight, each one of our every days.

In our home, we set aside this season to celebrate, to thank, Him. We celebrate on the foundation of the Word, reading it daily together. Each day we write down specific-to-the-day reasons to celebrate, to thank the Lord. We want to make special crafts and food for each other and the ones the Lord puts on our hearts. We plan to begin Christmas shopping, not in an effort to consume, but in an effort to give generously from the riches of His glorious grace to us. We hope to sit close to our family, plates full of food and hearts full of love for Him and each other on a set-aside Thursday.

I pray you will join me in giving thanks, in thanking Him, in this special season of celebration.

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