november, it’s just the beginning…

Remember yesterday I wrote that my family and I plan to record each day a particular reason we can celebrate, we can give thanks to the Lord?…

Well, here is our record so far:

Sunday, November 1 – for special friends who are more like family, who let us into their home, into their lives, to spend a weekend of joy and love together, our hearts are knit together.

Monday, November 2 –  for rain… God gives the rain as a common grace to all of His creation… thank you, God, for the rain. for your common grace, for caring for Your Creation, and showing us who you are, even through drip drops of water.

Tuesday, November 3 – for the precious privilege of bible study, the welcome to come to His table and eat His Word, with Him, with sisters in Christ. Lord, may I come, happily, and eat, wholeheartedly, Your Word.

Wednesday, November 4 – for the privilege to take my child to the dentist and the doctor; for the gift of family; for sweet neighbor-friends; for hot soup or supper; for the set apart time for book club with friends from church… the list could go on and on… grace upon grace upon grace, scattered beams

Thursday, November 5 – my grandmother, who is about to celebrate her first grandchild turning 30 and who carries five great grandchildren’s photos around on her iPhone to show off the little loves. She’s a godly woman, always doing … for others. She has prayed all of us through, the point we are today. Gracious, funny, and cooks you a good meal, sprinkled with love. Thank you, Lord, for my grandmamma.

I plan to record our list on sweet card stock and make a garland out of these cute tags from Jones Design Company, but so far, we have gone around our table and shared at supper. Hey, it’s only the 5th 😉

Whatever we end up doing, keeping a long list on the wall or stringing together tags on garland, going around the table and saying aloud to the Lord and each other who and what we are thankful for, the purpose is for our family to intentionally thank the Lord for specific reasons He gives us to celebrate His goodness.

I am excited to hear each of our little voices lifted in loud praise to thank our Worthy Gift Giver, our Reason to celebrate.

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