november, it’s nearly the middle

I had hoped to post a little something on my birthday – november 6! – but I was having too much fun… and basically forgot.

And then we left town for the 7th and 8th and here it is the 9th of november, and if you’re november pauses at Thanksgiving, like I love for mine to do, then, it’s the middle of the month

It’s raining here – again – a reminder of His great grace towards all of creation, drop by drop, grace puddling in the ditches and drains… where we all would have been save for Christ our Lord.

So, with that thought in mind – the great truth that God, while we were yet sinners, sent His Son to die for us to save us from our sin – that God donned in lowly flesh hand delivered personal invitations to each of us, found in ditches, drains, and the dregs of our sin, and invited us with His nail-scarred hands to His table… let us say yes. Out of the ditch, into His dining hall. Out of our sin, into His saving grace. Out of the darkness, into the light of His life. He dresses us in robes of righteousness, places a crown of beauty on our heads once dirty, and calls us into His home, into His heart, into Him. Say yes. Sit down with Him at His table. And enjoy His good feast.

Here’s a little rambling record of where I’ve been sitting, and feasting, with the Lord.

November 6th – my birthday. Praise God from whom each and every blessing flows. I cannot encapsulate into words the significance in celebrating. And with each and every moment, my husband, my children, my family and friends acted out its importance. Breakfast, cards, flowers, dinner, shopping, hugs and kisses and “happy birthday, princess-mommy”!” and Grafton trying to sing happy birthday to me… and a surprise from my sweet heart. I mean. I’ve been alive for 30 years. I cannot know all of the ways the Lord has preserved me, but I do praise Him. and He saved me – saves me – and I cannot get enough of Him. goodness gracious, thank you.

November 7th – safe travels. with my men. to ministry. with our brothers and sisters, people we are stuck with, happily.  we have come to realize that the first day of travel for us is the hardest day. and even in the hard, the Lord was so good to give us tiny hands hugging our necks, big grins responding to our high-fives, and grace upon grace upon grace… falling into bed at 9:30P for a solid night of sleep.

November 8th – well, the second hardest day of travel for us is the day going home. and that was today. short trip! but really, it was a good day. Driving home, Tyler and I got to talk through scripture while the boys slept – hooray!! – and then. and then. we got to hold sweet sleeping Selah & Story, my sissy’s twin girls, small and new. and as we held these two new lives – and observed our boys proudly holding the girls, curling their small hands around the girls’ even smaller bodies, sitting still and kissing their infant skin – we held two miracles, we held new life, and we beheld His Great Grace.

See?… answering the invitation, “yes”… it’s worth it. Coming out of your own ditch, out of your own self… When you sit at His table, you see all that He gives…and you’re free to enjoy Life. 

(and it’s only the middle of the month.)

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