november, you’re full of delight

Mounts Xmas 001 Mounts Xmas 051

Mounts Xmas 070

Mounts Xmas 095

if a picture is a thousand words, then why write after all of those fantastic photographs?…. well, the thing is, the picture does not exactly put all of its one thousand words into sentences; the photograph doesn’t provide all of the structure that a paragraph can.

I would love to give a frame to our family collage.

Our good friend, Courtney, who is married to one of my best-friends, Laura, snapped those photographs on the way to breakfast with their children and ours… all 8 of us asking for a table at a quaint, comfortable cafe in franklin, TN… with the hope that we would send out Christmas cards this year!

Courtney has photographed us since we were engaged… through our wedding, the birth of both of our children, and now, the little-four of us.

His eye develops our memories.

And these particular set of photographs capture who we are, today. Tyler, Rachel, Leland,and Grafton – family. Tyler, tall, handsome, and steady. Leland, full of life, our lion-hearted leader. Grafton, sweet and compassionate. and me, on the cusp of thirty, loved by these three men, my gifts from the Lord. Each other’s, we are learning the love of our Savior.  Together, we are hopeful, we are waiting on the Lord. And as we live and learn and wait, we smile and hug, hold hands and stand.

Psalm 37:4 reads “Delight yourself in the Lord, and He will give you your heart’s desire.”

Lord, you are my delight and you have become my desire. Thank you that everything you have given me is from you and is in you. Keep us in your heart, and love us through heaven’s door.


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