November, and a night of feasting 

Tonight I enjoyed a cooking class with some ladies from my church. We swung open the extra wide screened door of the 1901 Raleigh home, washed out hands, and got to cooking! Two hours passed like it had only been 30 minutes and all of the sudden delectable dish after dish was spread before us. 

Julie, our host and the chef, hospitably let us rummage through her tools, chop our veggies, all at set up stations for each recipe. 

We worked, talked, and smiled together. 

And at the end, plates filled with butternut squash hummus, homemade bread, a delicious vegetable salad, stuffed pork, a new-to-me squash casserole, lentils, chicken, not to mention the gingerbread and cookies! 

Before we filled our bellies, we thanked the Lord that He gives us good food. And that through our good food we can taste and see that He is good – we can worship Him.

Have you ever thought about good food and a feast with friends as a conduit for worship?… When we bow our heads, thank the Lord for the meal and lift our hearts to enjoy who He is and what He’s done, and when we with happy hearts eat our food… we worship. 

Service, friendship, hospitality, intimacy all come along too and make the mealtime such a special place to work out the gospel. 

And He made it so. And we are so grateful to Him for it. 

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