november, a list..

for our record, for remembrance…

november 13 – we stayed home. and, Lord, I am thankful for my home, a pleasant inn, to remind me that my true home is the Forever Home, with you, Heaven.

“The settled happiness and security which we all desire, God withholds from us by the very nature of the world: but joy, pleasure, and merriment He has scattered broadcast.  We are never safe, but we have plenty of fun, and some ecstasy.  It is not hard to see why.  The security we crave would teach us to rest our hearts in this world and oppose an obstacle to our return to God: a few moments of happy love, a landscape, a symphony, a merry meeting with friends, a bathe or a football match, have no such tendency.  Our Father refreshes us on the journey with some pleasant inns, but will not encourage us to mistake them for home.” (The Problem of Pain, Lewis)

november 14 – my cup runs over. and still, only You satisfy. Flaky biscuits smothered in spiced apples, sips of hot coffee, while looking at my three men, my loves. Praying praying praying that I will remember this moment. Praying praying praying we will enjoy many more like this at His table. Lord, save my sons.

Also, thank you Lord for a pleasant afternoon with my mom, sunny, shopping, walking, sipping Coke… delights. Grace upon Grace. restoration.

november 15 – Sunday. sometimes going to church is like going to physical therapy – it hurts. it’s obnoxious. But it is the only way you will recover. heal. be able to walk again. So, you go. I go. and even when it feels like the wound of sin is ripped open again, the good therapist – the good doctor – the good preacher – the Healer – spreads His salve of love over your wound, and real healing really continues. and I walk out, a bit stronger.

and today is november 16th. actually half way through the month. blessed be the name of the Lord, who woke us up to breath in our lungs, sun on our faces, and His new mercies filling our souls.

That was the list…

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