november, and a calendar full of counting blessings

november 17th.

november 18th.

november 19th.

november 20th.

november 21st.

november 22nd.

november 23rd.

november 24th. today.

Lord, I am so grateful for the grand reality that I can type out each one of those dates, day after day… You. You have woken me up to your new mercies. You have fed me, clothed me, sustained me in your Gospel. You have sung me to sleep with your sweet sovereignty.

Each day has held its own ten-thousand reasons for my heart to celebrate You.

the 17th, 18th, 19th, and 20th was a week’s worth of fun and sun. Sure, there were difficult moments and sure sin+self got in the way, but His grace has covered all of it, all of me. Can I remember any of the awful? Praise the Lord, no!

During this week, a few things happened that we pray are the beginning of something HUGE. We pray His Gospel out for His Glory… we ask for the nations. no matter what, He is Good.

the 21st and 22nd = weekend. and week-start. grace, again, and again, and given again. We enjoyed our family, our faith-family, and naps. We also enjoyed the beginning of the formal Thanksgiving holiday. Hooray!

and yesterday… even though today is Tuesday and it feels like it could be Friday… yesterday we packed two days into one and then enjoyed a feast of a supper with our friends who the Lord gave us in a similar way He gives summer-camp friends. You know the king – you meet each other, shake hands, and BAM! instantly you are besties. Well, the Lord has knit our hearts comfortably to these folks, and we don’t even have to pen-pal for most of the year 🙂

Then today – the Lord orders our steps. each and every moment, ordered. ordained. organized. under & by His providence. He makes our paths straight. He is the Way. I know these are simple words, but this truth… His truth, He… has taken root in my heart this year like never before. I cannot emphasize enough – He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.

>>> praise God from whom all blessings flow <<<


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