november, and a list (almost) completed

11.25 Tyler and I were gifted with a morning, just the two of us, complete with sunshine and coffee, sleeping in and breakfast out. While we were waiting in line for breakfast, I got to lay my blue eyes on a baby born about two years ago who was prayed into existence. His momma and daddy wrestled with the Lord until He blessed them. And what a precious blessing they received. He gifted them again about a month ago with a second boy, who literally slipped into the world. I just love that in the span of only a few years they went from long days wrestling for the blessing to a hilarious moment where the daddy had to catch the miracle. That’s just like the Lord.


11.27 the day after Thanksgiving, as much apart of the holiday as the actual day. and the sun shone brightly and warm, we saw our friends who are like family, and our faces shone too.

11.28 the Lord answered my prayer for a new kitchen with a mini-remodel. Grace-upon-Grace.

11.29 thank you Lord for hot coffee, a sunny day, and the privilege to have a mini-construction site litter our kitchen. thank you for our real Christmas tree this year, too…

11.30 and the month is done. Lord, let this only be the beginning of our thanksgiving.

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