november, a seed and a prayer

In response to a (fabulous) blog post from my bible study leader, I began to write my own posts of thanksgiving.

And here we are, the month completed, a few posts published, a plate full of leftovers, and the holiday is over. Rushing into the miracle of Christmas, I don’t want to forget to look back one more time and thank Him.

Thank you, Lord, for each and every day, and for each and every big and little way that You show up, with provision, with protection, with peace and salvation. With Your Great Grace You give, and give, and give again. forgive me, dear Lord, when I miss, ignore, or do not delight in the Gift. in the Giver. Thank you for the moments when I accept, thank you, and do delight in You. You give, and You give, and You give again.

Grow this planted seed of thanksgiving in the tilled soil bed of my heart,… roots spread, trunk strong, branches reaching out in worship to You…& grow Your miracle in me.


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