heart & home

For the last couple of months I have been just SO excited about celebrating Christmas. Y’all, I love it every year, but there is just something! about THIS year! I don’t know what it is…

but, I am pretty sure it’s the Lord so sweetly planting excitement in my heart. Plus the practical fact that this is the second year that we are celebrating Christmas in our home – and the first year our house really, really feels like our home!

You might not understand what I’m saying, but after living here for a year, I feel like we are decorating for our family of four, for our house. And I just love that. Last year, I was still figuring out where to put my toothbrush. But this year, I know where my toothbrush and toothpaste is, plus, how I wanted to decorate. And for me, that’s exciting!

So, yes yes yes we are 90% decorated – there’s still some garland to hang – and we are counting down until the Day.

and here’s the thing – the thing I love about decorating : the Lord allows for simple tangibles like garland and glittering ornaments to open our hearts to worship Him. Think about it – Jesus holds up bread and pours a cup of wine to show the disciples His body, His blood. God uses stones to remind the people of Israel of His promises kept. I mean. simple to convey  surreal; tangible to take us to the Eternal. Glitter as a doorway to God.

When you look for Him, you can see the burning bush, the scattered beams, the shadows of the Almighty, moving over and through every thing and every event of your life… twinkling in the lights strung on your tree.

This year, as you hang garland, as you count down the days, join me in seeing Him, in savoring Him, in celebrating His birthday. Join me in making your home and your heart ready for the Savior of the World.

here’s our big Christmas tree – and there are so many “firsts” for us this year – we stuck our tree in a galvanize bucket; we purchased a real tree!; we decorated our tree in white, silver, and gold, and even the ribbon-garland is new to us this year! Thankfully, there are a lot of “from our first year” too, including the tree topper, and many of the ornaments. And when you come to visit, and you look closely at the ornaments, we can enjoy together how so many of them so clearly lead us to celebrate His birthday. Even the ribbon reads, “Have a Very Merry Christmas!”


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