ephesians 4:32

almost every day i quote this verse to my four year old and two year old sons :

Be kind, one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ Jesus has forgiven you.

You hear me quoting right after a bit of quarreling.. or hitting… or both.

We walk through His words… Be kind one to another “Are you being kind to him?”… Tenderhearted “Is your heart soft towards him? …Forgiving one another “Forgive your brother, buddy”…even as God in Christ Jesus “Jesus is tenderhearted towards you, loves, so be tenderhearted towards each other…He forgives you, so forgive each other”…

and almost every time I hear it… Him. The Holy Spirit quotes the Word back to me.

Tyler’s out of town, day one, and we have had a full-full day : all morning fun with friends at the science museum complete with a picnic, no-nap rest time for Leland and 2.5 hr “sorry honey you have to wake up because it’s supper time” nap for Grafton, all while a precious woman came over to drink a cup of coffee with me and fill me with Jesus’-courage;… then our neighbor girlfriends came over to share chicken pie, cupcakes, and Cinderella for a Friday date night. Oh yeh – and I had an exciting conversation with a friend over a dream and a serious call with my husband over complications in his falling-apart day…

So you can see why I was a bit tired by bedtime.

and then it happened. we were almost upstairs. we had almost made it.

but then it happened : the meltdown.

And you can read why the boys were in puddles.

Daddy isn’t home to hold us up, to mop us up, or to carry us to bed.

The thing is – it’s not just little leland. it’s little momma too. it’s me too. momma + leland are sitting on the floor, almost literally in a puddle, melting.

It’s like – I cannot get it together. I cannot mop myself up. And shoot, I am still putting them to bed, so it’s not like  I can just crawl into the sheets and sleep. I’ve got work to do. Bedtime to finish.

Surely my four-year-old cannot get himself together. Yelling, streams of tears, sitting together, boy in my lap, on the floor, together, tired and a mess.

And I hear Him. Be kind, one to another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God in Christ Jesus has forgiven you.

“Oh buddy, I am so sorry. Please forgive me for getting mad, for yelling.”

“Mommy, I forgive you but I don’t like it when you yell.”

“Me either buddy.”

“I love you, mommy.”

“Love you, too, my love.”

Jesus, thank you for loving us, thank you that we are Yours,… that you are kind, tenderhearted, forgiving; that You have forgiven us through sacrificing Your life, … what a  Love. What Kindness. What Forgiveness. What a Savior. Thank you that because You live in me, I can be kind, tenderhearted, forgiving… Grace upon Grace upon Grace.



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