Eat your food, please. 

My pastor from when I was a young girl said something from the pulpit that I remember to this day. 

He remarked that our quiet time with the Lord, in His Word & in prayer, is much like our daily meals. 

Each meal – breakfast, lunch, & dinner – enjoyed, sustains us until the next one. Most of our meals are not spectacular. Good, and the meal serves its purpose. To keep us alive. To nourish us. To provide energy and stamina, even a break to enjoy in our day. But if I asked you what you are last month on any given date for lunch, you might not be able to recall. 

There are certain meals, though, that you can remember. A birthday brunch; an anniversary dinner. Christmas Eve…. It was spectacular. Each bite so good. The occasion and setting just right. Twinkling candles, sparkling smiles, and chocolate cake waiting for dessert! And not to mention the friends and loves you shared it with! The meal was perfect. 

Jeremiah 15:16 reads, “Your words were found and I ate them, and Your word was to me the joy and rejoicing of my heart.” 

Sometimes our quiet times with the Lord are spectacular. Every word alive, every word good in our mouths, good to our hearts. 

And other times, your quiet time is for simple, and completely necessary, nourishment to sustain. Just to keep you alive. 

“Jesus said, ‘Man cannot live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.'” (Matthew 4:4) 

Eat every word of God. Chew on it. Swallow. Let His Word sustain you… keep you going until the next meal. 

Enjoy the break in your day to share supper with Him. 

Sometimes, toast and butter will do. He serves you the meal; He knows what you need. 

Sometimes, praise God, He spreads a feast table – complete with candles, glasses half full, hot food, savory and sweet, all of your most favorites, chocolate cake as the finish… (still only a foretaste of The Feast)… and invites you to stay, sit, sup with Him. 

And to enjoy the feast, you’ve gotta eat the meal in front of you today. 

So, please, girl, eat your food.

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