even if

i am four and a half years deep into mommy-life, meaning i am about knee deep.

and in these few years, which sometimes feels an awful lot like boot camp and the trenches (and other times, the sweetest, funnies, most wonderful moments), there is one truth the Lord keeps shoveling into my heart.

– Even if you were a perfect parent, Rachel, your children would still sin. –

Maybe for you, knee deep beside me in the ocean of mommy life you already know this. You learned this in your first swimming lesson.

Or maybe you needed it repeated.

I often think – golly, if I had just done this or if I had just replied this way, maybe he would not been so good grief belligerent!

Or even, maybe he’s just tired, or hungry (tired+hungry=almostmostawfulcombination)… and maybe if I had fed him better or let him sleep or…

But the truth is, as much as we are responsible to engage the serious stewardship of raising our children,

even if we were perfect and did everything perfectly and said everything just the right way,

our children would still sin.

and this isn’t ONLY because they are sinners. though that’s one half of the equation.

but the other part that i am just so encouraged by is this –

God was the perfect parent, the heavenly Father. and He created the best home for His children,… and Adam and Eve, His first children, still sinned.

He is God! He is the Heavenly Father! He is perfect! He always replies correctly; He always responds in love – and we still sin. He placed His two first children in a sinless world, and still….

Even you and me,we are unconditionally loved by a perfect Heavenly Father… and we still disobey. So, instead of mulling over what you could have done or what you could have said,…

Bask in His great grace, which is for you & your child(ren).

Confess your sin, to the Lord, to one another. Confess His grace that is greater than your sin. Confess His mercies that are new every minute. Confess that He is perfect, loving, and good, and that you are not, and glory in your sins forgiven.

Praise Him that you are HIS child… and He has given you these precious gifts, these priceless children.

Then, walk hand in hand with your littles to Jesus, … because Only He can save you, and only He can save your littles.

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