“I want to go home”

It was only 9:30 in the morning, but we were all already tired.

For the last month, we’ve been traveling for a good bit of the summer, in and out of towns, hotels, friends’ homes, and we are showing some wear.

We stood in the line to order. Through tears of frustration, exhaustion, and hunger, my son told his daddy, “I want to go home.”

Steaming coffee sat on our table, untouched, as we sympathized with our son.

The kind waitress placed our meal on the table in front of us – fresh blue berry waffles, hot, topped with fresh whipped cream.

We dipped our waffle in the warm syrup, each bite filling our mouths with the delicious gift.

I rubbed his back. I began.

“You know,baby, sometimes momma gets homesick too. I want to go home. Did you know – that longing is our hearts heavy for heaven?”

I asked him what he loves about home. We talked as we ate.  His own bed. Playing with his own toys. The sunshine on the wooden floors. The back yard freedom. Riding with daddy + brother through the neighborhood on his bike.

“All of those Good things you love about home – heaven will hold those things. God who is all Good will have all Good things in His Home, in the home He’s readying for all who are His.”

— I’m not talking ‘take your stuff behind the hearse.’ When you ready your home for your child, you make his bed, complete with his favorite candy on the pillow. You cook his favorite meal. For your daughter you might set out a new dress for her or have special gifts waiting in her chair.

So just think…”How much more will your Heavenly Daddy…” —

“Baby, when you’re homesick, your heart is heavy with heaven. Let the hope of Heaven heal your heart. Let heaven satisfy your sickness.”

All of the good gifts here point to the Good Gift in Heaven.

We finished our waffles. We finished our talk. Our tummies were full, our hearts filled with dreams of Reality, of longing for Home.

‘He’s preparing a home, a special place for all of those who are His’

Afterward, we drove over to the park. Playing and running did a world of wonders. It’s amazing how our great God gives us small tangibles – waffles and playground sand – to show us just how much He loves us, and just a little glimpse of what Home is like.

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