The H Word 

It’s the word that corners everyone. It’s the reality that makes some celebrate and motivates others to cringe. It’s a fully loaded word : loaded with emotions, thoughts, methods, worry, and prayer.

It’s the H Word.


— We plan to homeschool our sons. —

And homeschooling Leland and Grafton was about all I could think about and work on (talk with trusted friends, search Pinterest a bit mindlessly, read article and website after article and website) in my first trimester. All of this requires very little physical effort. So it was perfect.

Even though I realize the whole idea and practice of home schooling is both unifying and polarizing, I want to share with you what we have decided for this upcoming fall.

I want to share with you just in case it might be encouraging to you. Just in case you’re thinking about joining me in this venture. Or maybe you just want to read about the crazy adventure we are about to embark.

A. Let me state some caveats :

First, this is our plan (that we think is from the Lord and we have made in wisdom) but the Lord orders our steps. What I mean is – the plan might (it will) change.

Our plan is a skeleton.

We hold our plan with tender hearts and open hands before the Lord.

We don’t know what we are doing in the sense that we have never done this before. (It’s like having your first child, or, perhaps like starting a new job.)

We don’t think home schooling is the end all be all. [Good – (like categorically good, not like ‘approved by Rachel and Tyler’ good)] -Homeschooling is just one of the means and methods to steward family life under the Lord.

B. Ok so. This is our plan :

Use Sonlight’s pre-K (with readers) curriculum.

Isn’t that simple? Of course it didn’t come together in only 20 seconds and 5 words, but it is what we have concluded (so far.)

We also have signed up Leland for clubs – a homeschool community program at New Life Camp – where he will be with other kids his age + will enjoy games, science, art, and generally being friends with kids. It meets once a week from the middle of September through the middle of November which is perfect because in November our lives are welcoming a new life 🙂 and we will be all turned upside down and enjoying every roller coaster minute.

On the day Leland goes to clubs, I will spend one on one time with Grafton, focusing on him, and wherever he needs attention.

C. And most importantly, why :

Well y’all before the Lord and looking each other in the face, we think this is what the Lord wants for our family.

Tyler and I received an excellent education in college and we asked ourselves, “Golly! What if we had gotten this kind of education before we were 18 years old!?”

It was the sort of education that equipped us to learn. The kind that taught us through the Christian world (not only what is approved by the Christian world view). It is the type of education that invited us to ask questions, think, come to a real conclusion on issues and subjects that matter. We learned how to love God with our minds.

And we so desire this for our sons.

Now, we won’t start with Plato and Plutarch, but we will begin building a framework in which to hold knowledge and wisdom, in which to supply tools for learning. We will begin with stories that all tell The Story.

D. We chose Sonlight because we appreciate that :

– it looks through the Christian world view

– it has a missiological bent

– it’s literature based

– it’s organized with the lesson plans done for me (I can always add or subtract, but I appreciate having this work done for me)

– also I like that it comes in a box = done and done, on my doorstep!

– the curriculum encourages that you do the Core together with children close in age (I like togetherness!)

– it integrates subjects (history + reading, for example)

There are probably more reasons for it; of course there are cons. I was happy to invest because it’s mostly books – good books! – and our family loves a good story.

In Conclusion :

Y’all – before the Lord and with each other Tyler and I want to raise our sons in the nurture and admonition of the Lord. We desire that Leland and Grafton grow in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man. We undertake this desire as our delightful duty to, before God and under His great care, steward our heritage. There is so much sobriety here. And. There is so. Much. Grace and Freedom to go about pursuing His glory and His Good – the Gospel!!  for our children.

And here we are. At the end of the summer, at the beginning of birthday season and little life coming, embarking on a new family-adventure.

If you have any questions, are slightly confused, but especially if you are almost encouraged, please let’s talk! We can begin our conversation when you leave a comment on the blog.

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