homeschool, honestly : the second four weeks

It’s Monday, and we are in our 11th week of homeschooling. I know that it’s the eleventh week because at the top of the planning/to-do page, it says “Week 11.” This is just one of the simple things that I appreciate about the curriculum that we use.

After the first four weeks of homeschooling, we hit a stride… and then we went to the beach. twice. in September. Which, was fun (and hard on my pregnant body!).

And it was nice to think that when the “students” go on vacation, the “teacher” gets to go, too. It was good knowing that when I “take my kids out of school,” they aren’t behind or missing anything. In fact, they are receiving another sort of education – we as a family traveled with family to the beach (one time with Tyler’s side; the other time, with my side) and lived + learned.

Which living + learning is one thing we love about homeschooling – that both living and learning are interwoven and inextricably connected… you cannot really say that you have stopped either one. It’s true of life, for sure, but with homeschooling, this reality seems to be emphasized better than, at least, my experience in school. You “learned” at school… and you “lived” the rest of the time.

So, stride hit… and stride gone, we returned home. Then we began bible study on Tuesday mornings and Leland’s CLUB on Thursday morning, which means we also started a new rhythm.

Weeks into that rhythm, we may have hit a stride,… I’m not sure. 🙂 But now I am 37 weeks pregnant (praise the LORD! and hopefully there’s more to come on the third trimester and Haddon’s name in other blog posts…) and I am, on my best day, slow. I mean truly I walk slowly. This little love is heavy and my body is heavy with his life.

Some days it’s just the fact – I get overwhelmed. But it’s not particularly because of homeschooling. Mostly, just life. And it’s always because I am relying on my own (weak) strength instead of the Lord’s strong,enduring strength.

But most days, I am so glad for the balance of a planned schedule and stride that is flexible and provides freedom. There have been days where we have needed to stop whatever else we are doing and cuddle up on the couch with books. There have been times where I let the boys know that they can play quietly and I will read to them… and eventually they end up beside me… they want to see the stories. And there are some days where we just go outside, or go see friends.

The workload is not too much – often times we complete the 4 day schedule in 3 days, and then we just read whatever other books or do whatever other crafts and stuff we want to do. Or, it’s Friday and enjoy the weekend and I am relieved we are not behind.

Leland has finished his first work book – I cannot give a glowing enough recommendation of this work book (one like I have never seen before!) – and we are well into our second. He actually likes them!

Leland is also into his first little reader – which is super exciting and super fun watching him read, and learn how to read.

Grafton completely gets the concepts in his workbook, which is neat, because it’s intended for a 4 y.o. but we just roll with it and I may purchase the set again (they are really inexpensive) next year and we will go through them again. We shall see 🙂

And he too is learning his letters and the sounds that they make. A for apple, y’all 😉

Each week the scripture is on our chalkboard wall and the character trait, too, and Goodness knows, the boys are learning it, sure, but I am learning – and so convicted, comforted, and encouraged each week by the Word.

Recently we had the character trait, patience… and all week I so needed to remember to “wait on the Lord with a happy heart.”

Where we are and what we are doing is so good for our family, for our boys, and for me,… it is just amazing grace. I am so glad we have decided to submit ourselves to this discipline of homeschooling, and that we are actually able to (almost) immediately feel some of the reward.

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