third trimester : swollen with life

28-40ish weeks. the same amount of time as the first two trimesters, but it feeeeels like the longest.

I know the end is near. And it seems far. away. Plus there’s so much to do and I’m tired and at times can’t think straight.

I’m so glad the Lord is my Strength. My portion. That He forgives and He upholds.

My body is tired, big, swollen, and numb. I feel mostly utilitarian, like a vessel.

“…we ourselves are like fragile clay jars and vessels containing this great treasure. This makes it clear that our great power is from God, not from ourselves.” – 2 Cor 4:7

And what a treasure. To grow, to hold, to be apart of life and giving life. It’s a glory-to-glory experience. It’s not at every moment pretty + easy. It’s not convenient. (Certainly convenience cannot be the motivation, the reason any woman does this whole thing.)

Worth-it Life is not convenient. But life is so good. So worth it. So worth the inconvenience, the numbness, the swelling, the pain, the agitation, and sleeplessness.

and Treasure is coming. through the great power of God, not of myself…

This baby boy has been longingly waited for – deeply prayed for – and much anticipated from before his beginning. We are all so. ready. to meet him! hold him. kiss him. take care of him. (and see who he looks like!) … though my grandmother would say, “He’ll look like Haddon.” she sees the uniqueness in each of us, and marvels.

I am 38 weeks and 2 days today. If he comes at his due date, which crazy enough, both Leland and Grafton did, Haddon will arrive in 12 days. 1 week 5 days. (I sort of hope earlier… but who knows!).

No matter when he arrives, he is coming soon. My body will no longer be heavy – swollen – numb… My heart will be full, overflowing, feeling… from glory to glory…

…and in all of this – life, heaviness, fullness, anticipation and exhaustion – I give thanks to the Lord for HE is the good Treasure… His love endures forever.

swollen with life : big belly, big baby, big feet
all baby : 37.5 weeks



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